Would you like to add another method to your healing arsenal? No, we’re not talking about pharmaceuticals, but positively charged water!

1) On the full moon of each month, fill a clear bottle or glass of spring water and the Zodiac stone of the month (ie. April/Aries = Diamond, May/Taurus = Emerald, November/Sagittarius = Topaz).
2) Place the container where the glow of the moon can hit it. Inside on the window sill or outside is fine.
3) Leave it in the moonlight 3 consecutive nights (putting it away someplace dark during the daylight hours). If that is not possible 1 night is fine – but the healing elixir will be weaker than it would have been had it sat out for 3 night.
4) After the 3rd night, transfer the elixir to a dark bottle – cap it and store it in a dark place.
5) When an ailment strikes you, apply (if it’s external) or ingest (if it’s internal) the correct Zodiac elixir for the problem (ie: Throat problems = Taurus = May elixir).

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