You’re In The Know!

Welcome Baby – You’re In!

You will be among the first to see Red Hot 180 when it opens to the members of this list ONLY on October 23rd, 2014! I hope you remembered to confirm your desire to be on the list! (if you didn’t see the confirmation email – check your spam folder)

(WooHoo — I love being 1st)

The rest of the world gets to take part on October 27th. The next round starts November 1st!

There’s only enough spots for 12 Red Hot Goddesses  – once the spots are filled, you will have to wait until the next round of the program!

Here is your gift – you can download the webinar on “The 4 Streams of Desire” or listen to it below!

MP3 File

(PC users – to download to your computer – right click with your mouse)



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