Your Tongue And A Telepathic Sex Exercise!

Your Tongue And A Telepathic Sex Exercise!

I changed the time I get my shower from the morning to the evening and I think that’ll screw up my OBE time with Will – but I’m not positive. This past weekend was too work-oriented to get much OBE sex in, but it did let me refine a telepathic sex exercise.

This works best if you already have a physical sex partner – it doesn’t matter if they believe in OBE or telepathic sex or not – although it is helpful if they do.

1. Close your eyes and imagine your sex partner. If you do not have anyone – imagine someone you would like to have sex with that is within reason and accessible to talk to.

2. Once you have that person centered in your thoughts and you can really imagine them – how they talk, dress, look, smell, etc…..hold it there for a minute.

3. Pick a place on their body you’d like to lick. Yes, I said lick. Good spots are the center of the back, side on the neck, ear lobe. Try to keep the sexual places like nipples, clit and penis for another time.

4. Once you pick the place, imagine yourself licking them there – repeatedly. Do this for 3 minutes.

5. Break the connection

The next time you talk to them, find out in your own special way if it felt like something was licking their neck, ear, back and/or if they felt any sensations at all…. If this was your sexual partner and you two agreed to do this, share experiences.

The goal of this exercise is to get you to telepathically connect – hold that connection – and perform a sexual act without it being overly sexual. The next time you try this – up the minutes and try a different part of their body (but keep from being overly sexual). Do not do this on celebrities or on people you do not know – that is just plain rude. The same rules apply in the OBE world and they do in the physical world.

Happy licking!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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