Yep, Ted Again!

Yep, Ted Again!

Oh God what a day! I need to go pick up my son very soon from school and my head is just spinning.

I have been seeing 2 numbers all over the dog-gone place today. One is 22 and the other is 222. Long story short is that my deep conviction will make things manifest. Have faith, don’t worry – everything will work out for the best for everyone involved.

Don’t worry. Hummm…’s not so much of a worry though is it is an over-thinking process trying to figure out ways to Ted without Bill. Of course, over-thinking has never helped anything, especially connected to these two. I do believe I have something worked out. I’m not going to say what it is right now, as I don’t want anyone else’s energy to mix in with mine/his and possibly throw things off. So I will let you know what happens. Just cross your fingers:)

On the other hand, I did fall asleep with my dream question about Ted. What I can remember about the dreams is me in a skirt, blouse and boots (which is not me at all) – the skirt being green and white checkered, white boots and white blouse, walking through a downtown. Although I am a jean and sweater girl, I was very comfortable in this outfit – very confident. Behind me the sky was dark and forbidding, in front is was sunny and inviting – with big blue skies and not a cloud in the area. Ted’s eyes are green and his favorite color is blue. My take is that is what the green outfit and the blue skies are telling me that things with Ted will move forth along with the troubled times are about to be behind me.

As I walk through this town, I pass a lot of people and I can “hear” what they are thinking. I heard a lot of voices – too many to assimilate. I can remember passing this couple on a pay phone and the man was calling his wife to say he was working, when actually him and the skinny chick next to him were about to head over to the motel.

Next I can remember sitting in a movie theater with a big picnic basket. Bill was with me, and he was annoyed that we were at the movie of all places. I kept telling him to watch – Ted was on screen in what I don’t know. But Bill wouldn’t watch and I kept bugging him to watch Ted. He was annoyed and shrugged me off. This was another confirmation that Bill is of no help right now.

I saw me under a mighty oak tree just writing like my life depended on it. Again – my writing comes into play.

Have to run and get my son…….

Crystal Sunshine!

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