Writing, Will And Ted!

Writing, Will And Ted!

Where to start today? Well – first up I have not been able to post to my OBE blog. For whatever reason, I can’t. I have put in request to Blogger and thus far have not heard a thing. The other blogs post just fine – so I know it’s not my web hosting company. And I have something really interesting to post too — grrrr. No – I’m not going to post it here. Although I am tempted to.

DREAMERS is going well:) As I’m working on DREAMERS I am also working on shaping up the OBE book. I’m not sure why I’m so nervous to write this book – but I am. I have to have it done and to the printers by July – and that’s stretching it. As always – I am looking for OBE sex stories to include in the book. When I concentrate on the OBE book – I can see glimpses of Will and I talking around the world about soul mates and OBE experiences. He’s my #1 cheerleader and I his.

I am also about to start rewriting THE BLACK TRIANGLE as soon as DREAMERS is squared away. I have 2 other scripts that need written – one dealing with past lives and the other about comas.

A note about Ted — it has been very hard for me to connect with him consciously. But during dream time I know that I have spent time with him because of the flashes I get of him and I chatting – him getting angry & throwing things, him crying etc… Well it appears that my subconscious efforts have done some good after all. Ted – who was to get married last week – called off the wedding 24 hours before hand. No reason was given except for citing person reasons (isn’t calling off a wedding a very personal choice). I only hope that he has checked himself into rehab since his nuptials have been canceled and praying that during another drug induced binge that it does not go back on again. He’s a very angry and unhappy man.

My smoke detector had been doing that annoying beep sound – not because there was a fire, but because my friend Dave was trying to say Hi. As soon as I said Hi back – the beeps stopped. I have noticed though that the last several days the beeps are happening every morning as soon as I wake up and as soon as I say – Hi Dave – they stop:)

Last night I was walking through the upper hallway and got an overpowering scent of Roses. After I went through it – I went back to se if the smell was still there – it wasn’t. I said Hello? A chill went speeding through my body. At first it was my ex husband’s mother coming to tell me sorry her son’s an idiot. I told her that there’s no reason to be sorry – his stupidity is his problem, not mine. Then it was as if someone gave her the push and my Grams T was there telling me that I’ll find love — and that she doesn’t like my hair – lol! I told her yes – I know I’ll find love and I’m getting my hair done on Thursday – that seemed to please her.

When I get my hair done on Thursday, I’m actually getting it colored! 1st time for it. I don’t have any gray to hide – I just need something different. So it’ll be a reddish/purplish color. I’m excited:)

I finally bought some land in Second Life and have set up my own home:) Now I need to find some furniture:) Check it out – look around the beach front property;
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gypsy/33/82/22 Just don’t go looking around on other people’s property. They get upset. If you haven’t become a part of Second Life it’s free to join:)

Off to get my son to bed.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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