Writing, Will And Fast Moving Dreams!

Writing, Will And Fast Moving Dreams!

My son — I love him more than anything. But man — he sucks out my brain power! Day two of him being home because of the weather. They’re talking about keeping the school closed on Wednesday as well. Friday and Monday they already have off school — so Thursday looks to be my only day to get things done. LOL. Soon I have to go out and shovel. I may not have karate tonight – but I will still get my workout!

I cannot get my speakers or mic to work on my computer. Now the mic & speakers that are ON my computer will work. But if I plug in anything external – it will not. The computer installed some updates and that’s when things went wacky. I uninstalled the updates – still won’t work. I tried to do a system restore to go back on before the day the updates were done – and it tells me it can’t be done. Some unknown error occurs. So I’m at a lose. Stupid Window’s Vista — have a I mentioned how much I DISLIKE this platform? SIGH.

DREAMERS – is at a state where it can go back to the big guy for his input. Fingers crossed guys — fingers crossed. It looks really good. I’m impressed with myself.

Speaking of dreams – my dreams have really been kicking it lately. Since last Friday night my dream time has been very active. So active that I keep waking up and then falling back asleep. Everything is very fast moving. When I get up in the morning, I am as tired as I was when I went to sleep. I’ve asked my guides what could possibility going on and Jezell steps up to tell me that I’m working on the astral level during dream time in order to get ready for the physical and spiritual changes that are coming up. She went on to say that I should be sleeping as much as I can – although it is understood why I’m not getting “restful” sleep. No overdoing anything. She says that even though I’m tired, I should notice that my energy level is good (which I have noticed). Plus, my creativity has kicked into high gear.

Well as those who have been around this blog knows — that when this happens (the busy dream time) some major change is coming up.

The OBE sex book is starting to take shape as well as the Sex With Allie radio show. Who ever thought with my stifling Catholic up bring that I’d ever be talking about sex? See – you can be de-programmed — you just have to want it! Ha!

I’ve had several imagine come into my mind’s eye over the last several days. It involves my son and I moving – but keeping my house here in Wooster as a home base. I know that I won’t be selling my home here at least for the next 5 years. I feel more NYC than LA – but I keep seeing Canada as well. NYC just keeps coming up – I push it to the side and it pops up again. That would kind of make sense — seeing that NYC is an hours plane ride from here with a morning flight to NYC and an evening flight back. Eventually it’ll all come together – until then I will just keep getting images.

Ted has been hovering in and out of my energy field as well as Bill. They are both there – but not there – meaning they are not being intrusive. Will isn’t intrusive either – in fact I can feel him being very busy at this moment. Of course his energy is stronger with me than Ted or Bill – but he’s not here so much that it is interfering (I have my son to do that). When he is around, I am getting many visions of life together: working, writing, cooking — going out — him and my son getting along. One flash vision had my son slamming the door in Will’s face – Will got that “look” like he was really pissed, his hands were on his hips – he looked down and moved his foot – takes a deep breath and knocks on the door.

The kid’s here staring at me 🙂 Better run….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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