Imagine getting paid to write about love & sex.

Staying home in your jammies, dishing out fantasies that could make a sailor blush AND watching your bank balance climb.

What would you do with the extra money? The time?

    • – Travel more?
    • – Buy a car?
    • – Purchase a new computer?
    • – Spend more time with your family?
    – Find love?

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Erotica is hot – and I don’t mean just between the sheets

Erotic romance is all the rage. The Romance/Erotica genre is a $1.44 BILLION dollar a year industry (2017 figures – US only) with E.L. James making 20 million from the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy BEFORE the first movie was released.

Get the stories out of your head and into the hands of people who will pay to feel that tingle in all the right places.

Who am I to talk about sex, romance, and erotica?

That's me - I'm Allie!


I’m Allie – a storyteller and creative strategist whose previous career includes being a sex coach/educator and erotic audio storyteller.

Now I help people get their stories out of their head, onto paper, and promote the hell out of it.

With six books and one short story published, plus one in the editing phase, I know my way around and the Kindle book process.


Erotica Romance Course Syllabus

In ten weeks you’ll:

  • Learn how to craft the right mix of romance & sex with your story.
  • Master the tricky business of putting your hero and heroine into sexual situations.
  • Create the sexual tension that will have your readers turning the pages late into the night.
  • Discover how to turn your erotic hobby into a money-making business.

Session One: Introduction

  • What is the genre erotica?
  • How does it differ from a romance novel?
  • Why we write (and read) erotica?
  • Overview of erotic sub-genres.
  • Real name or pseudonym?

Session Two: Characterization

  • What is and is not acceptable in an erotic romance character.
  • Developing the heroine.
  • Developing the hero.
  • Names for characters.

Session Three: The Story Opening

  • The opening hook.
  • Adding in conflict.
  • Selecting the right spot in the story to begin.


Session Four: Picking the Right Ending


  • Finding the right ending.
  • Endings that work.
  • The last line.

Session Five: Intimacy – Character/Reader Connection

  • Point of view.
  • Erotic plot essentials.
  • Outlining the perfect tension & release.
  • Scenes & chapters.

Session Six: The Issue of Sex

  • Erotic vs. romance sex.
  • Sexual tension 101.
  • How to make your sex scenes sizzle.
  • Bring on the kink.
  • How to feel comfortable writing about sex.


Session Seven: Writing Dialogue

  • Writing realistic dialogue.
  • When not to talk.
  • Talking dirty.
  • Gender-specific dialogue.
  • The mechanics of writing dialogue.

Session Eight: Publishing on Amazon

  • Why Kindle?
  • How to price your work.
  • How to publish to Kindle on Amazon.
  • Alternatives to self-publishing on Amazon.



Session Nine: Setting Up Your Business

  • Picking the right business name that fits you and your book.
  • Should you be a sole proprietor, LLC or Corp?
  • Grab your website: URL & hosting.
  • Who are your readers?

Session Ten: Marketing Your Erotica Business/Books

  • Construct your author platform.
  • Use social media to attract raving fans.
  • Put together a newsletter to connect to your readers.
  • Design a giveaway/contest.

Sessions are delivered by video & PDFs and includes a private Facebook group.

Plus, you’re able to contact me at any time with questions.


What experience do I need to take this course?

Absolutely none. All you need is the desire to write erotica romance.

Is it helpful to have a writing background?

Of course! Any experince you have is benefical to YOU and cuts down on your learning curve.

Will you suggest resources that we can use outside of this course to improve our writing?

Definitely. I have a library of over 100 writing references and web sites to choose from. I will make sure that if you wish, you are well-equiped to keep learning and improving.

Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?

No – although it would be helpful to you if you did.

Is there a refund?

No – not on the beta.

How long do I have access to the materials?

For the lifetime of the course no matter how many changes to the material or increase in cost.