Writing, Dreams Visits And Old Friends!

Writing, Dreams Visits And Old Friends!

Oh boy — so much going on here at the Allie household! I did finish another version of DREAMERS over the weekend and sent it in. This one is an improvement over the last (in my opinion anyways). So we’ll see if this one will work — or at least most of it;) In the mean time while I’m waiting for a verdict, I have another project to work on ASAP – it’s the TV treatment for the series on Nickelodeon. It’s gotten a two thumbs up thus far and I have to flesh out my ideas sooner – rather than later. So that’s what I’ll be working on every day this week. Don’t be surprised if my blog posts are again sporadic.

Friday night I had a dream visit from a guy I’ll call Al. We were on a sailboat, it was night and we were sitting on the hull (I believe that is the front – right – or is it the stern?), drinking some red wine. The air was cool – the water calm. We were both laid back, laughing away at something – his arm was around me and it felt like we had been friends for lifetimes. I looked at him and asked if it was all worth it? I was talking about his drug & alcohol addictions. He sat there for a few minutes in silence – looked at me and said yes. But would you do it all again the same way – if you could have a do-over? He shook his head – no, he wouldn’t. But he would want the outcome to be almost the same as it had been – maybe with a bit more glory and money. I reminded him that if he wouldn’t have had his addictions, he would have had more of the glory & money like his friends. He laughed and said – but I wouldn’t have made people laugh as hard.

Al looked at me – really gave me a stare – if you know what I mean — and I asked what he was doing? He replied that everything was going to be okay for me – that it was all working out as it should. I nodded. I asked Al that if I ever saw him in the physical world if he would know who I was. He sat for a minute — and replied probably not. But you would peak my interest and I would want to know more about you. So eventually I would put two and two together. He told me to be ready for that – to brace myself for running into people that I’ve known and/or helped in this lifetime and before. Many people are going to want to talk to me without knowing why – and it will bother them on why they want to talk to you – but they will anyways. And as time goes on their fear will subside and they will be happy to speak with you without fear or hesitation. This includes Will you know – and Bill and Ted. I laughed and said – of course it does – kind of hard to separate me from them and visa versa. Al kissed me on the forehead and said it was great to see me again.

Then I woke up.

Saturday night I had a dream visit about Bill (he was also in a separate dream visit that night that I don’t remember though), in the mail I received an announcement card with his business name on it (I think — or maybe from one of his “people”). It was a light blue card in a light blue envelope.

When I took the card out of the envelope, in the center was printed “Congratulations”. Of to the left was two stick figures (a man & a woman) holding hands. Under the couple it said “Bill and Allie forever”, under that was signed “his initials and a little doodle”. I recognized it as his handwriting and his favorite black Sharpe markers that he wrote with.

I was on the phone with his assistant and she said she didn’t mail it – so it couldn’t of come from Bill. I told her that he’s a big boy and probably mailed it on his own – after all, he tends to do things when he wants to in his own special way. I was so elated to be holding this card in my hand — so very happy that I finally had a sign that he “gets it”.

I woke up with a smile on my face.

When Bill is around me more – he is around Tracey as well. I emailed her and asked “How’s Bill” without telling her about my experiences – and she had plenty to say about him – lol. He must be in between creative projects or maybe is starting on one. But I’m glad he’s back more often.

I had another dream visit Thursday night with this Hispanic male and it dealt with sex and condoms:) I’ll write more about it in the OBE sex blog when I have a chance. But for now it’s time to make dinner:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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