Writing, Crystals And Clive!

Writing, Crystals And Clive!

Re-caulking the bathtub is much more fun after drinking two glasses of wine. I should know, I just did it. All of the directions that I read kept telling me how to caulk while keeping it pretty. Hell – I could care less about pretty – I just wanted better. Plus I really want the water to stop tricking down to my kitchen ceiling where I now have mold growing. Tomorrow it’s me, bleach and that ceiling. But even if it does look like a two year old did it – I still did a handy chore all by myself. And I’m pretty darn proud of me:)

The re-caulking of the bathtub has been an all day project. So between that and getting my son ready and to his dad’s house – I have been working on DREAMERS. It’s going really well and I hope to have it handed off to my manager soon. That’ll be a load off – getting that done. Then I can shift back to THE BLACK TRIANGLE unless I get rewrite notes (which I probably will). The same premise to DREAMERS as before, I’m I’m shifting a lot of stuff and adding things in….so I hope it flows better.

Strangely enough – today in the mail I received The Motion Picture Directory For Products And Services (for TV and Theatre) for the NYC area. What’s odd – is that I never ordered it. It just showed up. So someone who didn’t know I got divorced (had my married last name onthe label) and knew my home address (very few do) had it sent to me. Since there is not such thing as a coincidence — and I’m just now getting back to DREAMERS — humm….

Next week I’ll be revamping GypsyAdvice to – I hope – make things less confusing. And (fingers crossed) I will have Empowerment U up and running. I’m taking the workshops & e-class and turning them into self-serve classes. Price wise – it all depends how much info is in there. I think that they will start at $9.95 – but not to exceed $29.95. We’ll see how it goes.

When I was at the Universal Light Expo a couple of weekends ago – I was visiting the crystal skull I never adopted and another crystal spirit caught my eye. I put the skull down and went to the far table. I picked up the water clear quartz and noticed a bunch of inclusions as well as rainbows. I look at the price – though nah – and put it down. I kept looking around in that general area, and this crystal kept calling me back. Literally calling me back – pick me – it kept yelling. Finally I said – fine. I picked it up and gave it to Tom (the owner) and he said – how much you want to give me for it? You decide. He’s like – no honey, that’s not the way it works. So I chose $15 less than what he had it ticketed for – and he said SOLD!

Now when I got it home, it said it wanted to be in my bed room – fine – I put it on my dresser across from my bed. For 2 weeks it was across my bed and I could tell it wanted to be next to my bed. So last night I moved it to my nightstand. I could hear it tell me that it wanted to sleep in bed with me — usually if a crystal/stone tells me that, it means that dream time is going to be very active. And that’s exactly what happened. It was very active. I don’t really remember any of it. I could have written things down when I got up, but I was too pissed cause I was too tired that I didn’t want to write anything down.

Now for today, it really hasn’t left my side. I decided to look up this seven-faced wonder (this has so many facets to it that I wonder if it’s 10-sides, not counting the bottom), along with it’s inclusions and see what I have. Well, from what I discovered it’s a clear, rainbow, channeler quartz with ajoite and limonite. So it is for moving away negativity, getting specific answers to specific questions, to gain info in a specific area, heightens communication and creativity, it will also stimulate meetings between souls who have agreed to meet during this lifetime and it’ll shift me into stability and comfort. There’s more – but that’s the gist of it – and it sounds good to me! I’m looking forward to meditating with it to discover it’s hidden wisdom. I’m not too sure though if I will take it back to bed or put to across the room. Right now though, this spirit is so smooth that I can’t help but touch it – and touch it — and touch it…

BTW…my one sister is out in LA and she ran into Clive (remember Clive, part of my soul circle) – she says he’s pretty hot. Yep — thought as much.

And on that note,I have a pitiful looking black lab (Brodie) who wants to go outside. Better go…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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