Write A Book – Start A Business


How would you feel if you were in charge of your future?

If the time and energy you spent working for others could be rewired to work with you?

Would you feel joy, relief or freedom?

It’s not easy going to work every day to make enough money to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. Even working for yourself can be tiring if you expend your energy in the wrong direction.

Your new life can begin with ONE BOOK.

Many successful entrepreneurs have done just that; wrote a book on a topic they were passionate about and started a new life.

I’m sure you’ve heard some of these success stories:

Mike Michalowicz (www.toiletpaperentrepreneur.com): Started with “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” and transformed into the expert who helps businesses stay afloat.

Kathryn Weber (redlotusletter.com): Took her super practicality and evolved it into a feng shui kingdom.

Marie Forleo (www.marieforleo.com): Started with “Make Every Man Want You” and grew it into a creating a business and a life that even Oprah loves.

Robert Bruce (www.astraldynamics.com): Started with “Astral Dynamics” and emerged as the leading expert on astral travel.

Brendon Burchard (www.brendon.com): Started with “Life’s Golden Ticket” and morphed into one of the world’s leading motivation and marketing trainers in the world.


Who am I to help you?


That's me - I'm Allie!


I’m Allie, a storyteller and creative strategist whose previous career includes an intuitive advisor and sex coach/educator.

Now I help people get their stories out of their head and promote the hell out of it.

Books and business fit together with me like a hand and glove. Any of the six books I wrote could be the foundation for its own business. My upcoming book about twin flames and soul mates “Soulful Connections” screams: MAKE ME INTO A BUSINESS!

“Soulful Connections” is the book I will use as an example to help guide you down the path to writing a book and starting a business.


Write A Book/Start A Business Course Syllabus

In seven sessions you’ll:

  • Discover how to choose the right subject of your book to ensure its, and your, success.
  • Learn how to start a business or expand the one you have, saving you frustration.
  • Master book marketing to attract raving fans who will buy your book and services.
  • Create media outlets to connect with readers and help spread the word of your mission.

Session One: Crafting The Right Book

  • Should you write fiction or non-fiction?
  • What topic should you tackle?
  • Create an overview outline.
  • Construct your elevator pitch.

Session Two: Starting Or Expanding Your Business

  • Picking the right business name that fits you and your book.
  • Should you be a sole proprietor, LLC or Corp?
  • Grab your website: URL & hosting.
  • Who are your readers/clients?



Session Three: Deciding What Services To Offer

  • Brainstorm ideas from your book.
  • Research which ones will bring you the most paying clients.
  • Develop services list.
  • Price the services.

Session Four: Creating Your Media Outlet

  • Create a Podcast.
  • Create a YouTube channel.
  • Write your Blog.
  • Guest Blog on other websites.
  • Guest on radio/podcast to promote your book/services.



Session Five: Designing A Course

  • Choose your course topic based on your book.
  • Outline your course.
  • Should you use Video? Audio? PDF? Email?
  • Who should you pick to host your course or should you self-host?

Session Six: Webinar Blueprint

  • Pick your webinar topic based on your book.
  • Write your webinar outline.
  • Create a freebie to attract attendees.
  • What webinar portal should you use?



Session Seven: Book Marketing To Attract Your Raving Fans

  • Construct your author platform.
  • Use social media to attract raving fans.
  • Put together a newsletter to connect to your readers.
  • Design a giveaway/contest.

Sessions can be delivered by video, audio, &/or PDFs.

Plus, you’re able to contact me at any time with questions.



What experience do I need to take this course?

Absolutely none. All you need is the desire to write a book and start a business.

Is it helpful to have a writing or business background?

Of course! Any experince you have is benefical to YOU and cuts down on your learning curve.

Will you suggest resources we can use for writing or business building?

Definitely. I have a library of over 100 writing references and web sites to choose from. I will make sure that if you wish, you are well-equiped to keep learning and improving.

Do I have to particpate in the Facebook group?

No – although it would be helpful to you if you did.

Is there a refund?

Not for the beta version.

How long do I have access to the materials?

For the lifetime of the course no matter how many changes to the material or increase in cost.

The cost for the class will be $395 when I release it this spring. I am offering a limited number of spots as an intro for $100. You will have to do a course evaluation and testimonial at the end of the course.

The beta class starts on March 1st and moves at an accelerated pace (1 lesson a week) until April 12th.



1) 15 min call in-between sessions 1 & 2 to discuss your book idea and business decisions.

2) After each session I will read over each of your projects (example – your book idea, name of your business, your course outline, etc…)

3) The book you envision while taking this course may not be the book you actually write.

If you change your mind within 3 months of taking the course, I will look over your new material for free – because I want you to succeed.