Passion – it’s needed to keep relationships alive and healthy. Hell, it’s needed to even find a relationship and get it going. Without passion, there’s no will to keep the fire lit in a relationship.

So passion is pretty damn important. Right?

One would think so! But when I asked both single women and those in a relationship if it was important – only 45% said yes! With the ones in a relationship – when I asked the partner (regardless of gender or sexual orientation) I only got a 30% yes!


Next I asked, if someone asked you for advice about how to bring passion into his or her life, what would you day?

Here is some of the worst advice about passion I heard:

  • It comes natural. You shouldn’t have to work at it.
  • Passion is either there or it isn’t.
  • Find a new partner.
  • Have an affair.
  • It means either I no longer love her or she no longer loves me.
  • Have sex.

One person – ONE PERSON said that passion took work. That each person in a relationship had to make a constant effort to bring passion into the relationship.

And NO ONE said that a person who is single can have passion in her life. No one!

No wonder passion and desire are absent from so many people’s lives!!

Passion takes work.

Passion needs effort from both parties. 

Passion wants you to open up and get turned on. 

Sex needs passion but passion doesn’t need sex. 

Passion needs the single person to want it. 

Passion and the single women turns her into an attraction magnet. 

Passion wants to come out and play — all you have to do is ask!

The next time your relationship is missing that zing of passion – do yourself a favor and add it back in. It can be as simple as a note that says “I want you,” to a trip to exotic destinations.

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