The World Is Your Mail-Order Catalog!

The World Is Your Mail-Order Catalog!

What do you want?

A shiny new BMW Hybrid? A trip to Italy? Pay off your house? A hottie sitting next to you watching “Whose Line Is It Anyways”?

You know what? All of the above is seriously doable. I shit you not. (Seriously, I wouldn’t do that to you)

With a focus of purpose and a little daily action, you can expand your energy field attracting into it whatever or whoever you want. The problem with focus of purpose is our thoughts are pulled into several different directions – at once – unconscious and conscious – with the thoughts with the strongest focus winning out.

So if you consciously put out the focus that you want say – a new job with a top marketing firm – but unconsciously you are focusing on that you are not good enough, what would they see in you, it’s too much of a long shot – guess which focus wins out?

So the trick is to have laser focus while taking any steps (even teenie tiny baby steps) towards your goal.

Ok – let’s do an energy exercise to prove that the world is our mail-order catalog.

  • What you’re going to be doing: laser focus to pull something out of thin air.
  • Time frame: 48 hrs.
  • Intention: By making the following intention and focusing on the outcome, I will draw it into my life.

Take out a piece of paper and grab a pen (gasp – actual paper and pen folks).



(today’s date)

I (insert your name) have looked though the big ole mail-order catalog of the world and I made the decision that I intend to manifest (insert intent) in the next 48 hrs. My laser focus is on.

(date manifestation is due)

One last blurb — make it something that can be accomplished in 48 hrs or less – like concert tickets or someone cute buying you a drink.

In the comments below – tell us what you intended and if it happened in 48 hrs or less. If it didn’t happen – why do you think it didn’t?

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