Will's Birthday And OBE Sex!

Will's Birthday And OBE Sex!

Before I do anything else, I want to wish Will a happy birthday wherever he is! Happy Birthday Will!!!

I finally have the OBE sex web page done and the blog! Of course the blog is empty right now until myself and others contribute to the content. But heck – it’s still there and you can sign up for the RSS notification on when it’s updated!

OBE page: http://www.gypsyadvice.com/out_of_body_ecstasy.htm

OBE blog: http://www.gypsyadvice.com/outofbodyecstasy/index.html

If any of you want to be an author on the new blog – let me know!

Now it’s time to get a move on the book:) I already traded services with a kick butt editor and my sis will lay it out again and do the cover design.

So write-write-write Allie!

Back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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