Will, Will And More Will!

Will, Will And More Will!

Good Lord, Will’s energy is so strong. Much stronger than any energy Bill or Ted have been able to expend towards me or each other thus far. My heart keep racing, my hands are on fire and I have the tickling in my belly – the kind of tickle you get when you see someone that you really like or are attracted to. Now this energy surge has been going on since a week or so ago. And it’s constant – there is no fluctuation – no down one second and up the next. It’s a constant state of “ON”. But – I have noticed that this constant state of “ON” gets stronger every day. So while the energy isn’t variable throughout the day, each day it does increase in small increments throughout that day. It’s almost as if Will had a light bulb moment and has now turned his attention to making a stronger connection.

Unfortunately, when my computer crashed a few months back, I lost all of the readings I had done on Will (there weren’t that many, but still) – one was really very interesting from Maria Shaw, and she doesn’t save the readings after she does them. So I have no way to get it back and post it for you guys. But the gist of the reading was once an energy likes ours is connected, there is no turning back. It gets stronger and stronger and there’s no way to deny it. The energy is a once in a lifetime connection. It’s not an easy match up – there is a huge roller coaster of events that happen with big extremes of good and bad. But then again, being part of a soul cluster/circle is not an easy thing. I want easy — I want good times noodle salad. But I do want someone who pushes and challenges me — I think Will could push me to places that no one else could. Why? I don’t know — it’s just a feeling I get. Bill too could push me and make me grow – but I don’t think he has as much of an impact as Will.

I don’t know why I feel that. Maybe because I know that Will is a mentor and that I will learn from him – where both Bill and Ted are learning at the same time as I. And Matt — well, he’s my fun buddy – he has a good job as far as I’m concerned.

Speaking of which – I didn’t forget that Matt had a birthday over the weekend – Nov 4th to be exact. He’s still a pup in his late 30’s:) Happy Birthday Matthew!

I have been a good girl and raising my energy in the morning. I find that it is easier to do when I’m in the shower as opposed to turning off the email. I’m a mail whore – email, snail mail – I just love mail. Can’t always get to it to respond, but I love it just the same:) This could be why Will is much stronger- hell, the man could be raising his energy too. And I get a “yes” from my guide Edward. In fact – Edward says that Will has taken it upon himself to learn as much as he can about how to connect. Plus learn about past lives, soul mates and etc…..as he knows he has found someone he has been looking for (which would be me) and now that I’ve made contact – he’s a quandary on what to do now. Life changing things have a way if making someone put on the brakes and think.

If the energy is this strong when we’re apart – can you just imagine what it will be like when we’re physically in the same room? I have no doubt that this is in the cards (so to speak) and had I not put off contacting him via that letter – this meeting, I’m sure, would have already taken place. But it’s a comfort to know that it will.

Just like it will with Bill in 2008. No doubt in my mind – none that he and I will be in the same room and have a very interesting, if not mind blowing, conversation.

And Ted – no doubt in 2008, if not sooner as he will discover that his negative girlfriend has been destroying what I had sent him and has not allowed any correspondence to go through between him and I. Every fiber of my being knows that he has written me, but she threw it away before it could be mailed. He’ll come to his senses and realize that the numbers in his phone that are missing, the web sites gone from his computer, the letters not mailed to various people will all have a common denominator – her.

Saw my 1st snowflake of the 2007-2008 snow season today. Of course this 1st flake has many followers:) Not too enthused about the snow. Maybe it’s because I’m the one who has to shovel my long drive this year;)

Last night Will was the last person on my mind as I fell asleep and the 1st person I thought of as I contemplated killing my alarm this morning. In between that time, we had a very interesting dream visit. Let me explain — I walked into an auditorium, with people milling about everywhere. I had a picture in my hands, a picture of Will with short hair (like it normally is) and I was looking for him. I’d pass someone, look at the picture and look at the guy. I didn’t talk to anyone, just kept looking.

Then I found a man on the stage, sitting down, that looked like Will. I held up the picture next to his face and he asked if he was the guy in the picture? I said close enough — you’re hair’s too long (it was way past his shoulders and in a ponytail), but it’s you. So I jumped up on the stage and sat next to him. He asked to look at the picture and I gave it to him — he said it was an old picture and that he’d been looking for me for a long time. I told him that his eyes would give him away, not matter what the rest of him looked like. He replied — I was counting on that. So I asked – now what? He replied – we wait.

Then I woke up. I found that dream interesting because I knew who I had to look for, found him, he said he had been looking for me and now that we found one another we had to wait for further instructions. And that last part is something I’ve felt for some time now — that I/we won’t be getting instructions on what we need to do until we’re all together. Plus, it is in line with what Edward said – that Will is at a crossroads and that decisions that he has to make takes some time. But of course with Merlin in my ear right now he says that I have to step up my magic practice and that Will has stepped up his.

I wonder if part of the magic Will has stepped up on is sex magic? Because let me tell you – his libido is almost as high as mine – if not an even keel. I’ll comment on that soon in the OBE sex blog🙂

And on that note I better go….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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