Will Wants To Meet And A Book On Sex!

Will Wants To Meet And A Book On Sex!

I went to my session immediately and encountered Will. He was sitting by that tree by the lake, carving something out of wood. He looked tired, rather drained, but his eyes still held that spark. I sat down next to him and asked what was the matter. He shrugged and said that he was tired. I asked if he had been working hard? He said no. I asked if he had been sleeping? He said yes. Is your personal life okay? He shook his head no. What’s going on – I asked.

He doesn’t stop carving away at the stick….and replies — you. What’s going on is you. Well why would I cause you to be tired? I’m not rightly sure – he said – but I know it is connected with you. I’m sorry – I replied – although I’m not sure what I’m apologizing for.

He stopped carving — tossed the stick aside and closed his pocket knife.

We’re supposed to be together now – we should have met by now – but you’re not doing anything to further things along.

I’ve been a bit busy – I replied – and I have a lot on my plate right now. Maybe you could help out and take a step forward?

How can I help, he said, when I don’t know where on the physical plane to find you? You know how to find me.

As I just said, I’ve been busy. I’ll move forward once life chills a bit.

Don’t you get it??? Your life isn’t going to chill. I want to be there to help you. Everyone assumes you are this Rock of Gibraltar…but you have weak spots and I know where those weak spots are. I want to make sure no one takes advantage of you during the craziness in your life.

I’ll be careful.

He shook his head — no you won’t — not because you can’t, but because you’ll be overwhelmed and therefore, not firing on all cylinders.

I’ll try something — but you have to take a step towards me. Search out what you are feeling – just don’t only be curious about it. If you found me on the astral plane – you can find me on the physical plane too.

You have to try before April – he said.

Okay – I’ll try something before then.



He smiled – alright then — that’s what I like to hear. I’ll see you tonight. He gets up and kissed me on top of the head — sweet dreams darlin`. And he was gone…and I was done.

SIGH – men:) His heart is in the right place.

My husband’s surgery is scheduled for tomorrow – March 20th at 9:30 am. I will leave a note tomorrow night to let you know how everything went and what they found. Thanks for all those who have sent my husband and I well wishes, positive thoughts and healing light. My son could use a really good dose of the white light – he has scores of angels around him, but he’s still really scared. And since he’s intuitive like me, who knows what he has seen.

I’ve still been giving some serious consideration about the astral/dream/telepathic sex non-fiction book and the astral erotic novel. I think that I will do the non-fiction 1st and in the erotica novel – use the title of my non-fiction book on how the character achieve her astral/dream/telepathic sex. After I post the page on astral sex, I’m going to set up a form for people to email their experiences. Those that I include in the book – they will get a copy of the book as payment. After the book is out – I will have a blog that will be an add on to the book.

So for astral sex I will have:

1. a phone workshop
2. a email class
3. a web page
4. a non-fiction book
5. erotic novel
6. companion blog

I think that’ll work – don’t you?

Ahhhh..I’m excited to get started:)

Off to get my son!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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