Will, Visions And 10 Items Or Less!

Will, Visions And 10 Items Or Less!

It’s amazing how one thing leads to another and before you know it hours have gone by. That’s what happened to me today. I decided to throw out a couple of things, which lead me to cleaning out a file cabinet and the throwing the cabinet away – which lead to working on my lighthouse fountain to get it working – which led to the reorder of stones/crystals and books in my office. It’s all much better now – better energy – but a 10 min project took 4 hours, And now I have a huge pile of more magazines in the middle of my office and they are too heavy for me to carry anywhere. So at some point in time I’ll have to rearrange them in smaller piles so that I can get them outside.

I broke out my new Feng Shui book and that’s what got me started on this rearranging adventure. My office need a full weekend of me working on it and nothing else. I’m thankful though that I got the stale energy moving.

What even brought me to the Feng Shui book today was the shift I felt yesterday. I could feel something else fall into place in bring Will and I together. I felt that piece shift and fall into place. As soon as that happened, Will energy was right in my face (in a very loving manner mind you) and ahs grown stronger than it once was. I didn’t think it could get stronger – but what do you know. That man is always full of surprises.

During on of the strong energy connections I saw he and I in bed together. We had just finished making love for the first time and were facing one another – propped up on an elbow. He’s caressing my face and I could feel such an overwhelming sense of happiness and love. I said – I love you. He smiled and said – I love you. Tears were streaming down our faces. He leaned in to kiss me and we were exploring each other once again. I make a comment that I have to get to the airport and he says we have time. Cut to Burbank Airport and he’s dropping me off. I’m crying, he’s crying — he says that he’ll see me real soon. We kiss – hug — and me, my carry on and one suitcase head into the airport. I check in and go to wait by my gate. I reach into my carryon for my computer and I see a card and a small box. I open the card – it’s pink – and it in is a message from Will saying how much he loves me. Okay – so now I’m crying again. Then I open the box — init is a diamond heart pendant on a silver chain. I cried more. I kept thinking — when did he get this? We met yesterday morning and were together since. So I called him. I told him thank you and that I love him. Before I could ask when — he said during lunch – which was why he was late getting back to the meeting. As soon as he saw me he just knew it was “me” – and that he and I would be inseperatable.

After that I kept getting visions of him here at my house helping with dinner, feeding the animals and he and I breaking my kid out of school for the day. On this last one – Will surprises me by showing up on my doorstep. After some serious “us” time – we go to get my son out of school. Will waits outside while I go in and get him. I don’t tell the kid what’s going on — but as soon as we hit the outside door and he sees Will – his face lights up and he screams “WILL” and runs to him full blast right into Will’s arms. Will comments how heavy he is. And my son is just going – I missed you so much. Will replies tat he missed him too — that he missed him and his mom so much that it was hard for him to breathe.

I cried after that one because my son was so happy – man was he happy. He just lit up like a firecracker on the 4th of July.

I received an email yesterday from a woman who is experiencing the same connection that Will and I have with a man she knows. It’s almost identical — what’s different is that she physcially talks to her partner where Will and I do not. Another woman I did a reading for was having the same mind blowing telepathic sex with someone – like Will and I. But again – it is different for her because she physically chats with him. Both women gave me a validation and I to them. It’s nice when you find someone who shares the same experiences as you do.

Heath did come back to see me later on Wednesday. After talking to Dave, he seemed better. He told me that he had to go talk care of his family and then go away for awhile, but that he’d be back.

Have you watched that show “10 Items or Less” on TBS? If you haven’t – you should. It’s fricken hilarious. The show is about a loser guy who is running his family’s grocery store after his father died. The guy – Leslie – tries so hard to complete against the giant chain grocery store – Supervalu Mart. Think of your mom and pop stop going up against Wal-Mart. The show is part script – part improv. It really is funny. The whole cast is great and works well together. If there are any major egos – you wouldn’t know it on camera. I had to go to iTunes and download the 1st two seasons.

Still working on DREAMERS. The rewrites are going well:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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