I’m almost caught up on my emails and the readings from the special back in December. Whew. The screenplay – still working on it. Once I have a chance to write – it flows. I just have to be able to work on the darn thing – you know?

Little Black Kitty is back outside. He drove me batty yesterday with the clawing at the door and the crying. I put him back out last night. He seems to be doing fine with it. But I do suspect that he’ll be asking to come back in before the day is out. He can – for a few – then it’s back out again. Samantha is not doing too well. It was as if she aged 5 years overnight (she’s already 13). She’s still eating, drinking and cleaning herself. But that’s it. No more playing – no more nothing but sitting there. It breaks my heart. If I pick her up – she wants to be glued to me – permanently. Trying to detach her from my clothes is tough. I just hope she’s okay health wise. I just couldn’t take it if something happened to her – not so close to Indy dying.

Will’s back:) I could feel his energy close yesterday as I worked. Almost like he was just sitting there watching me. I love it when he’s around. Not only because I like the feel of his energy (it’s always very high – I would call it jazzed) but he’s my muse. When he’s around, I just write better. As I was writing the script yesterday, he did make a connection for telepathic sex which I wrote about it in OBE. Last night as I was falling asleep, I could feel him around me. When I was walking down my path to enter my dream portal – Ethan was there as always – he told me to expect the past to be back but with a twist. I asked Ethan what he was talking about – he said that I know he can’t tell me more. But that I have to put my nose to the grindstone and keep plugging away. No wasted moments – no sitting idle. I told him okay – and moved on. Further down the path was Will. He was in a long white flowing robe. Around his body is vibrated a wonderful golden energy. I asked if he was going to step through the portal with me. His reply – I’m already there. I stepped through and he was – at the Willow Tree by the river. I don’t remember anything else – except that when I saw him I ran to the tree:)

With Will usually comes Merlin at some point in time and sure enough Merlin has been on my heels since I woke up this morning. In fact – he was the last thing I remembered about my dreams from last night. He and I were working in the magical space in the cave. Will was somewhere in the background. Next to me I had an enormous faden quartz crystal. I was putting mugwort around it – Merlin was putting candles around the ring of mugwort. There were 9 candles – 5 violet and 4 blue. During the day today – I keep hearing him tell me we have to get back to work. I have no clue what we’re working on – why the mugwort, crystal and candles.

I asked Andrew today – where’s my love life? He laughed and said I know where it is – and it isn’t in Wooster. I know;) I took down all of the dating ads and what have you that I had online. I’ve washed my hands of it as long as I live in Wooster. Will I change my mind if I’m still here past July? I might. But lets put the energy out there that I’m moving forward! Any ways – Andrew says there’s much more going on behind the scenes of my life than I’m privy to. So keep the faith – keep working and it will all shift the way it’s supposed to. He says that January and February are all about work – lots of it. The work will transform not only my career – but my love life – so I must not stop. No wasted time. I tell Andrew that this is what Ethan basically said – no wasted time. He replies- there’s a reason 2 of your guides tell you the same thing – listen to our words. And I have:)

LOST is back tonight!! Whoo Hoo! Okay – so since I can’t watch it till tomorrow morning – no one email or post about what happened on LOST – okay? Don’t tell me! Ahhhh…Sawyer:)

Oh — I almost forgot…Will and Vincent know one another now. Yep – they met. Don’t ask me how I know – I just do:) So now Bill & Ted know one another and so does Will & Vincent. Things are aligning up for me to come on board:)

Vincent is going through a very deep thought process right now. He seems to contemplate everything. He’s so deep in thought that I don’t dare disturb him. What is he thinking about? His life. What he needs to do and how he’s supposed to do it. He’s looking at all angles to see what is best for everyone involved.

Back to work I go….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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