It is so drab, dark and rainy here. Yucky – Yucky – Poo. Seriously.

The meeting of Santa Friday night went well. My son was so excited – just waving and jumping up and down to the Santa. He wanted to go say hi to him again this year. Santa was approaching us and I could tell he wasn’t going to say hi to my son again so as he was right in front of us, I smacked his elbow and yelled – Hi Santa! He turned and shook my son’s hand. The kid was on cloud nine for the rest of the freezing evening. It was so cold out – but he was so happy he didn’t even notice.

The weekend was cold – but went well. I got some work done on the horror story – but not much. Robert is here bugging me to get the OBE outline rewritten. Andrew happens to agree with him — and Paul just sits back and smiles. Paul smiles a lot. Last night he was in a dream of mine. My son and I were on this ultra luxury private jet. It was decked out. We were being shown around – when the pilot wanted to show my son the cool games on the plane. While they were doing that, I took a turn and ended up at this mini bar. Seated there was Paul. He looked at me and asked – how do you like it? I told him it looked great – pretty comfortable and appears to have everything anyone would want. He smiled – said Good – get used to it. I woke up. The image of the inside that plane stayed with me after I awoke. It was a white interior with blue trim. Besides that dream – I tossed and turned all night. By the time I did get out of bed I was pooped.

But back to the OBE book. As I was working on the outline I thought of a killer second book dealing with orgasms and sex. The 2nd book has Oprah and The View written all over it. I already have a title and actually I saw the whole workshop tour unfold before my eyes. It was so fricken cool. But I have to get this book done first. Mums on the title for #2 or what’s it all about – one thing I will say it’s good:)

Over the weekend I came across my old diary from high school. In it I found my old musings about moving to Asheville, NC. I always wanted to live there – been there several times and just loved the warm feeling. No matter where I went I felt a surge of positive energy. As I was reading my diary – for some reason Will popped into my head. Once there – he stayed for most of the day. He acted like a comforter, his energy being comforting, but not invasive. Later on that evening as I laid down to go to sleep, I felt him calling me into a session. I went and sure enough – there was that willow tree right by the river. Will was leaning against it, smile on his face. You look good – he said. I am good – I replied. Are you happy, Will asked. For the most part – I said – if tinsel town could get from 1st gear to 2nd, I’d be a lot happier. Will laughed. That’s the way that part of the world works, he murmured, you either live with it or you don’t and walk away. There is no in between. Well I guess I’m stuck – aren’t I? He chuckled – sure looks that way. Go to sleep – Will said – and we’ll catch up later. And that’s what I did – went to sleep.

Vincent did stop by today and tell me how tired he is. I know he’s tuckered out – which is why I haven’t been pushing to make any sort of connection this last week. I could tell he needed some chill time – and could still use another week or two. But I told him that if he needs me – all he has to do is call.

There have been a ton of new people who have found this blog over the last two weeks. Seems that people are confused on who is what and if anyone is actually real. So here’s the skinny for the newbies – everyone is real. I don’t make anything up. If there is a connection to another person that I do not physically know in this lifetime (as in Will, Vincent, George, Bill or Ted) I confirm what I sense with a couple of other people before it ever makes this blog. I’m the type of person where something has to happen to me many times over before it causes a blip on my radar. And then I still need some sort of confirmation. SO what I write here are not elaborate fantasies to entertain you. If that’s what you’re looking for – you need another blog. I write what I do because there are people out there who have occurrences like I do – not exactly the same – but similar. Plus I know (intuitively wise) that Bill, Ted, Will, George and Vincent have al been to this blog at least twice. I also write so that they can find the blog – and compare the experiences to their notes.

Quick rundown:

Bill, Ted, George, Will and Vincent – soul group
Andrew, Paul, Robert, Jezell, Iris, Brigit, Ethan – spirit guides
Sean – new friend who Allie is fond of
Tracey, Sky, Gab and Maria – my psychic posse

And that’s that.

I added Sexual Coaching to my list of services (and no, that does not mean I sleep with you) along with 2 new tiers of coaching – One Time Coach and One Week.

My sister is in New Orleans – I hate her (not really) she’s having a great time……

Back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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