Will, Tracey, Ethan And Merlin!

Will, Tracey, Ethan And Merlin!

Okay, it doesn’t fall on deaf ears that all of this is coming at me on the solstice. Ethan just popped up – he leans in and whispers: be ready, the damn about to break loose and you’re going to get catapulted forward. Go with the flow, don’t resist, analyze or judge – just go with it.

And he disappeared. Now he showed up the other evening as I was flowing asleep and told me to be patient. Now this…

Merlin also just arrived and said that he wants me to meet him…here go my hands again (see previous entry)..wow are they hot. I’m in Merlin’s cave – in the magic room. He grabs my left hand and wants me to stand in between two large crystals. When I’m on the crystals, he chants in a language I don’t know –but in English it translates to: You are free. He draws a star on my third eyes and a triangle within a circle on my crown chakra. Wow – what a jolt of energy that is — then I’m back here again.

I’m not sure what that meant or what it did. But I find it interesting that Merlin showed up right after Ethan sneaked in and said that the damn is about to break loose. Now I am getting a headache – a pounding one.

Tracey just emailed me back about Will – I had asked her if she removed the negativity from his energy field:

Yes, a lot in fact – he had a lot of dark black smoky stuff – and sludge that was removed. His chakras were a mess to say the least. I am going to do another chakra BCC next week to be sure I got all the dark spots in his chakras and to be sure they are still functioning properly. I am going to do some more healing on him on Sunday between 9-11 PM. I am actually putting him on my schedule so that I do not forget and do it when I have time! 🙂

I forgot to mention in the previous post that Will actually did show up last night and apologize for being so nervous and scatterbrained.

Must get back to work….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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