Will, Tracey And Sexual Energy!

Will, Tracey And Sexual Energy!

Thunderstorms have been the bane of my existence these last several days. I’ve had more trouble with electric staying on and my Internet connection during this time than I’ve had for years. Dang good thing that Mercury Retro is over or it really would have been bad! I’ve had a 7 year old attached to my hip and a herd of cats/dogs following me all over the place with the – “help me” – look on their face. Fingers crossed – the weather for tomorrow doesn’t include storms. I am however, grateful for the rain, which is helping my plants grow – grow – grow.

Last night – around 10:00 pm EDT – emotions kept coming to the surface and staring at me in the face. Repressed anger, regrets, sadness — all showing up. As quickly as something would pop up – I’d acknowledge it and it would fade away – and I’d be fine….until the next item came up. I emailed Tracey today and asked how her healing with Will went last night – she replied:

Yes, I worked on him from 9-11:30 PM my time last night. Emotions were his biggest issue. I focused on emotions for at least 60 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, everything went beautifully. I am going to move onto personal growth next, like fearless reiki, light of forgiveness, deep healing, open heart, inner light, light of truth, inner beauty, soul mate and self love. I am going to do these every night starting tonight at 10:00 PM my time, in the order I mentioned above until he gets an hour of each. This is what the Guides revealed as what he needs most at this time.

So when she started the healing last night at 9 – that is CDT – it corresponded with my 10:00 pm emotional train wreck. So because Will and I are so close, what is being done to him – effects me. Tracey said that she’ll be doing healing for the next 9 days, every evening, 10:00 pm CDT. SO by 11:00 EDT, it will be a good idea for me to be in bed, just in case more memories or emotions pop up. I wonder how this is affecting Bill and Ted? I wish I could call them up and ask.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow – Tuesday – my people (I actually have people now – lol) are going to talk to Nickelodeon. Extra positive energy for a good outcome – if you could spare some:) Just so happens that the Nick executives are in NYC. What a shame if I would have to go there!

In between no power and my son being so close you’d swear we were conjoined twins, I did some reading on energy healing – just as I was supposed to. And as I was reading all I kept thinking was — why does this have to be so complicated? Why do you have to manipulate this to shift that to heal stuff? If the healing energy comes from the Divine and not us (obviously) wouldn’t the Divine know what needs to be done where, when and how? Without us doing a whole lot of extra work? But I guess you can’t sell books if they are only 50 pages thick – now can you? I mean come on — I’m reading books by some of the big names out there in energy healing and I’m serious –there are so many terms thrown at me, that even I can’t keep them al straight. Keep it simple. You need to keep things simple. That’s what I kept hearing Iris say to me — think back, she said – remember Atlantis – how complicated was it? And if I session back in time, it wasn’t that complicated. Sure, there are certain things to do for each illness – but it was still very simple.


Which lead me to add some different readings to the Sex Advice part of Gypsy Advice. I added in Sexual Energy Readings. Iris said that one of my missions in this life is to help people with their sex lives — and in that process I will develop a sexual energy repair/enhance method.

Humm again….

I added a search box at the top of Gypsy Advice’s index page that allows you to search both GA and Gypsy Girl Press. There’s so much info now on both sites, that I thought it would be helpful to have that.

I’m in the process of rewriting THE BLACK TRIANGLE — and for that I’ve had to dig back into my research. It makes me ill — really sick to my bone rereading everything I uncovered. When I don’t think I can read any more, I flip to a girl’s picture – a cute gypsy girl in pig tails, with a wonderful smile and heart pounding brown eyes — and remember that she died at the hands of Mengele. That spurs me to keep working. She’s my poster child.

Okay – off to get my shower and then to bed before the next storm hits!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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