Will, Three Guides And Energy!

Will, Three Guides And Energy!

Today I was starting to think that either I forgot to put my clothes on or I only put half on and had pasties on my nipples. Why? Guys kept looking at me while I was out doing errands today. I checked to see if I was “too cold” – nadda. Nothing hanging from my nose. I was perplexed. Until I felt Andrew by my Mini Cooper. Ahhhhh…..I thought – that’s why. So I asked him if he put the love mojo on me or something like that. His reply – something like that….you’ll get used to it.

I told him if he’s doing that – go sprinkle it on the RIGHT person. Not some Joe Farmer here in Wooster. He told me not to worry about it – but to tune into him when I got home.

Okay – so I get home. Right away Robert and Ethan show up. Robert is saying that I need to prepare for the OBE workshop. I need to finish the book. Plan my next step in the OBE world. Copyright or trademark my process. Ethan jumps in — no, she needs to work on THE BLACK TRIANGLE. She needs to have it done by mid October. She needs to have the OBE by mid-October – Robert quipped back.


So I speak up – HEY! Guides don’t fight – they guide. Do I have to call Iris back? Silence from both of them – lol. In a calm voice they both state that I have to have the respected projects done. I told them that I agree. But — I can’t do both at once. With the OBE it would be nice to have someone to guide me – like a coach. Robert took offense to that. He says that I don’t need a mortal – I need to listen to him. He’ll tell me the steps. So I had to bite here – I asked, what are your steps? This is what he said:

1) Work on the workshop for both Oct shows. They can be the same workshop as they are both 50 min shows. Write the workshop like you would a spell. Do the beginning, the end and then the middle.
2) Have that workshop copy written or trademarked (he said whatever you humans call it) as that process will be the basis of my in-person weekend workshops.
3) Finish the OBE book by end of Oct/Nov
4) Have it in print in Jan for Valentines Day 2009

I thought that it sounded like a workable plan. He was pleased about that. Ethan chimed in – what about BT? I told him that I have a plan for BT. I’m going to rewrite the structure part of it until the 24th or so – when mercury reto kicks in. Then for the next week I’m going to take a character a day and work on their dialogue. I’ll have it to my manager by Oct 4th. Then she and I can work on any rewrites until Mercury goes direct on Oct 15th. Finished….I know I cannot get it done by the time mercury goes retro – so I have some time to get it done – and done right.

Both guides were happy.

Now Andrew (who had been standing back watching all this) steps forward. He asked me if I would work on my heart chakra – to open it up more. I said sure. He said that Will has been consciously connecting to me over the last two days. I told him – I know. He miss you. I know – I said – it’s mutual. Because he’s consciously connecting to you, your energy is shifting to a higher frequency and it is absorbing his feelings for you, your soul is responding by putting out the energy signals for him. I jumped in — so that’s why these men are looking at me like I’m dessert? Because my energy is projecting a certain frequency to Will? Andrew said – yes.

Oh hell – I said. Is there a way for my energy not to do that? Sure he said, you could close yourself off from Will again – then he’ll close himself from you and you two will be back to where you were this summer. Well I don’t want that. I want to move FORWARD. Andrew agreed. Then he chimed in – you better watch Will when George enters you life.

So me being me asked — so they’ll both be in my life at the same time. Andrew said – yep. And Will won’t want George around – but George will try to smooth things out with Will.

I asked Andrew – any idea when I’ll see Will next? He smiled and said — sooner than you think.

And with that all 3 were gone.

Will has been around a lot the last two days. Not so much that I can’t get anything done – but quite a bit. It’s been really nice to know he’s right here again. Let’s hope this time he doesn’t go anywhere.

Now for the dream I had last night that I can’t put my finger on the why. I walked into a restaurant – where there was some sort of party going on – like a retirement party or new hire – something like that. Seated at a long table was this man I’ll call Mike. I felt him staring at me as I was in another part of the restaurant picking out a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding (which is at the end of Sept). He walked over and introduced himself – I smiled, intro back and then went on with what I was doing. People kept bothering him – women mostly – he is a well-known person. He was persistent and kept walking up to me and suggesting what dress I should buy. I finally bought one (at his suggestion) and as I was leaving he asked if he could call me sometime. I asked why? He said because he would like to take me out. I was hesitant – I gave him my number.

We went out a couple of times – had fun. Next thing I know is he and I are swimming in the YMCA pool here in Wooster. I’m standing next to him in my swim suit – I tap his abs and say – now that’s a body. He blushed and laughed. I asked if he was going to help me get in shape – and he said if that was what I wanted. We’re in the water and he has one arm around me and is twirling me in the water. He commented that this was a nice pool. I said that yes it’s nice – but although I have a membership – I haven’t been here since Feb (which is true) – and that my son never picked up his membership card yet (also true). Mike said that we’ll be at that pool every day. I’m like – every day? He said yes.

So later on we are walking into the same restaurant where we met – and as we’re walking in I hear a couple women talk among themselves is if he’s so and so. I leaned over – smiled – and said , yes he is. Then I woke up. Why I would have a dream like that about a guy I don’t know, who’s not my type, and the odds will never meet – is beyond me. Andrew said (just now) that he has stumbled upon my blog just recently. But I still don’t get the dream.


For those of you who voted for me yesterday – thank you! I greatly appreciate the help. Remember you can vote once every 24 hours:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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