Will, The Lighthouse And Telepathic Sex!

Will, The Lighthouse And Telepathic Sex!

Lately, no matter how much I love OBE sex, time just isn’t on my side. I have too many things to do and not enough time to get them done – so I have put a wall around me so that I can work without being pulled into an OBE session.

But no matter what – it still happens:)

This session of telepathic sex takes place with Will and I at a lighthouse. He and I are on a sailboat. I’m just sitting there – holding on for dear life and he’s doing all the work telling me I shouldn’t be such a chicken – lol! We come up on a lighthouse and I know intuitively that this is the same lighthouse from previous visions. We get to shore and tie up the boat at the dock. I ask him why we are here and he comments that he knows how much I love lighthouses. He has a key, says he knows the owners and we go inside. He doesn’t give me any time to look around the house, insisting to go up to where the light is to look around. So we climb.

Once up top, the view is spectacular. A 360 degree view of the ocean, coast and the near by town – it rocked. As I’m looking out, Will moves in behind me and kisses the left side of my neck, right above the shoulder. Chills went through my body. He sensed the immense pleasure I felt as his kisses continued up and down my neck – ever so slow and light were the kisses. The kind of kiss that could cause the strongest person’s knees to give out. I leaned against Will for support – he knew he had me right where he wanted me.

I turned around and grasped his face – I needed to feel those lips on mine. I pulled him close to me, our lips parted and his tongue is a warm & inviting display of our passion. The kisses are deep — almost as if we are trying to crawl into one another. In the flick of a few movements my shorts (and his) were off. My shirt flew off as if it were possessed – bra gone in the blink of an eye. His shirt off. What a sight this could have been to anyone looking at the lighthouse from the outside.

Kisses became even more demanding, hands roomed – exploring – tantalizing the skin. Behind me was a bar, I was up and on it before you could say – heave ho – I wasted no time guiding his hardness into me. The gasp and the “Oh God” follows his entry. I grabbed onto his butt cheeks and helped him thrust as hard as he could. My urgency and my fingers grabbing him spurred him on — you’d never know he was 53. Harder and harder he thrusted, the sounds of sex filled the air – the coolness of the glass tickled my back.

In one final thrust we both climaxed and clung onto each other for dear life.

He whispered to me: “God damn, I can’t wait to have you physically”.

And the connection was broken.

Cigarette anyone?

After moments like these – part of me wishes that I did smoke.

And people wonder why I love testing sex toys!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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