Well, I did it finally – I sent Will his letter. I overnighted it to make sure he gets it before Mercury goes retro. Something kept bothering me about the 49 message I got from my angels the other day. I know that I need to finish up DREAMERS, that’s a given. But it still wasn’t what the angels were talking about — the way I figured that out is that the message wouldn’t leave my mind. So I knew because of that – I had applied the message to the wrong thing. I asked my angels to give me another sign about what they were talking about — and that is when I immediately heard to read this small chapt I have about telepathic connections. The specific part was how someone receives telepathic messages that are sent to them. The message often takes the form of intuition that urges the person to contact the transmitter. This can also come in the form of “hearing” the message or having it transmitted into dreams. Right when I read that – I heard Will’s voice – contact me, I don’t know how to find you. Contact me – Contact me. So it was another affirmation for me – that he has been trying to get me to contact him.

It then hit me square in the third eye what the message was from my angels. CONTACT WILL. He’s the unfinished project — making contact with him will allow other things to fall into place and I/we can move forward with my true purpose which deal with the Divine mission. When I finally “got it”, the cold chills that ran through me was incredible cool! Plus yesterday when I was doing the podcast, my guides (Edward and Ethan with Merlin hanging back) kept hitting home about my past lives — my past lives are a key to the future. They would not drop it — I finally had to tune them out to continue on with the podcast. But I got it — my past lives, including Atlantis, is the key to my Divine mission. I love that they say they want me to jump into my past lives by myself and record my sessions — this is how someone will be drawn to my energy.

Today is a new moon in Libra – BTW….and this is what it means:

The New Moon in Libra invites a fresh look at relationships. Putting an existing partnership back on track or opening the door to new connections is a natural expression of the Sun and Moon’s union in this couple-oriented sign. An intuitive trine to the New Moon from spiritual Neptune adds imagination and forgiveness to smooth the road to more harmonious alliances, while an uplifting sextile from optimistic Jupiter expands the field of possibilities for co-operative ventures.

I couldn’t have timed sending the letter at a better time if I tried.

I really don’t want to work today. All I want to do is watch movies and chill. SIGH. No such luck though:)

Will was in my dreams most of the night. He spent a lot of time playing with my hair. Not sure why – but I enjoyed it. We spent most of the dream visit, in bed, talking about the past and present. He wanted to talk about the future when Bill & Ted are in the picture and I told him that I didn’t want to talk about them right now. He and I were in a plush hotel – going to go speak to a ballroom full of people – on what subject I’m not rightly sure as I woke up before we got to the ball room. But from the convo we had – it appeared to be about past lives and soul circles. I woke up surrounded with a very positive and life affirming energy. It was awesome!

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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