Will, The Dream Visit And The Soul Circle!

Will, The Dream Visit And The Soul Circle!

First off – I want to tell everyone who gets a notification from Yahoo Groups when this blog is updated is that it wasn’t me or my blog who sent you 12 emails about yesterday’s post — it was Yahoo Groups. All of my Yahoo Groups that I subscribe to had a problem…I got a lot of duplicate email!! So sorry about that! Now on to the more fun stuff….

Wow – what a dream visit with Will last night. It was so emotional! We are on a train – I don’t know how we got on there or why, but it didn’t seem to matter. All I know is that our eyes locked and the rest as they say…was history. I cradled him in my arms, he was crying. He couldn’t believe that after all this time he had found me. I keep wiping his tears away with my hands and kissing his face. I’d kiss his eyes, his cheeks, his lips, his forehead…it didn’t matter where on his face I kissed — I just knew that I had to keep showing him how much I loved him and that I was so grateful to have found each other again.

He kept snuggling into me, my arms would wrap tight around him. He couldn’t get close enough and I couldn’t hold him tight enough.

He was worried — how would we find each other again? He said maybe we can give each other contact information – I told him that remembering the details would be hard to do – I’ve tried that route before. So I said – if we are meant to be together in this life, we do not need details as the universe will put us both at the same place at the same time — if we are meant to be then our lives will work it so that we are — together.

He took comfort in that — and I woke up.

I woke up with a smile on my face. I’m in a good mood:)

The connection with us has shifted. It has become tighter, more reliable, more –well – tangible. I am so grateful for this gift — so very grateful.

My guides keep saying that I have to share with you the emotions that are running through my body. I’m happy. It’s just that simple. Happiness with a knowledge of being complete. Not that I wasn’t a complete person before, don’t get me wrong – I was. But this last connection with Will, this last block that has finally fallen into place…it’s a state of elation. A moment of serenity, of knowing that no matter what happens in life, that there is an overwhelming, yet loving force that has your back. I felt this will Bill and Ted too – but Will was the last piece. Now that it is all in place — God — it’s freedom.

I know without a doubt that no matter what life has in store for me from this second on — no matter what it is, no matter the pain, the obstacles or the pure joy, I know that someone has my back. Granted, it has always been known and felt by me that my guides and angels are with me 24/7 — and I am not discounting them at all – their help, participation, support, unyielding love — none of it. I have always needed them and I will continue to call for their aid. SIGH. I’m a writer and I still cannot properly convey my feelings into words — I’m not worried about anything. Love follows through me, around me and from me with ease. A weight is off of my shoulders.

The wait will not be as bad now – or as painful — the wait that is to when I am physically talking to these three. I have complete faith that I will meet Will by years end, and then the ball rolls from there for Bill and Ted. Our tight knit soul circle is now complete.

I don’t know what else to say except that it is happiness, love and freedom all rolled into one.

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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