Will, The Beach And Telepathic Sex!

Will, The Beach And Telepathic Sex!

Will, the beach and telepathic sex. It’s all a good combination. After I woke up from our shared dream visit, Will assured me that he wasn’t done with me yet. And he was right! The telepathic connection was still very strong.

We’re still at the same beach we were at in the dream visit I wrote about at Allie’s two Cents. Will’s kissing my neck, telling me that I taste like a sweet tangerine. Feeling him, even in just an energy sense is a wondrous slice of heaven. Kissing and kissing, that man has a magic tongue and he loves to kiss. Since I too love kissing, and think that good kissing is a lost art, I am a very happy participant in this artful tongue dance. Not sure how it happened, but the next thing I know we are both naked and I can feel the coolness of the boulder beneath me. And gosh, wouldn’t you know that this boulder is at the right height (think bathroom counter) for him to enter me without having to resort to any odd or uncomfortable configurations. One thing about telepathic sex that amazes me is feeling what is going on – not just thinking about it or experiencing it with just the mind, but the body feels and responds.

He’s the perfect fit. With my legs wrapped around him and my hands grabbing his waist – it didn’t take long at all from start to finish. The orgasm my physical body experiences is the same as if he was here physically, but it’s different. It’s so difficult to explain – think of a blind person experiencing a fireworks display. They can hear the fireworks and feel the explosive energy as they go off and they have a great time. But if they became a seeing person and saw the fireworks, they would still have a great time, but the experience would be different because sight and sound are working – and not just the heightened sense of sound. So it’s still a good time, but experienced two different ways.

Make sense? Or did I lose you?

After the telepathic sex was finished, Will told me he loved me and the connection was broken.

Have a great Halloween!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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