Will, Telepathic Sex And My Car!

Will, Telepathic Sex And My Car!

With the amount of writing I’m doing as of late – I’m shifting most of the energy from telepathic sex with Will into my creative muse. If I didn’t I’d spend most of my day having OBE sex – which isn’t a bad way to spend the day – but it doesn’t pay the bills:) Thankfully though, I am still allowing a small portion of his energy to come through. Take this morning for instance. For once it wasn’t shower time but driving to the bank. Do you know how hard it is to drive when you an feel someone’s mouth on your clit? Very distracting – especially since my Mini Cooper is a six speed!

During this telepathic sex connection, Will and I were at some sort of function where I had to give a speech. I’m nervous about doing so – giving the speech and for the fact that I have a dress on (a rarity, trust me). I’m pacing when Will grabs my hand and pulls me into the janitor closet. He tells me I’m to stressed. I start mouthing off on how I am and that I have to keep practicing what I’m going to say — yadda, yadda. He gently pushes me back to sit on some boxes. The next thing I know his mouth is between my legs. This causes me to completely forget about that stupid speech – because wow, what that man can do with a tongue.

Now remember – I’m driving a car when this is going on — I’m at bank #1 and send in my stuff through the drive through. It takes an enormous amount of self-control to speak in a normal tone of voice as the teller is talking to me. Because back at the connection, I’m really close to the release. I can hear people outside of the door – and I’m trying not to be vocal when all I want to do is scream at the top of my lungs. Back in the car I am gripping the arm rest.

Now I’m at bank #2 – and I can’t take it any longer. In the connection he is just really into it and his hands are grasping my butt. Finally – the release in the connection and in the physical sense.

I take my deposit receipts and drive off.

In the telepathic sex connection, Will gets up and tells to get out there and do my speech. He thinks I’ll be more relaxed now.

And I couldn’t of agreed more!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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