Will, Ted And More Change!

Will, Ted And More Change!

I’m exhausted. What a week last week was. After I got all of the Will details fleshed out for the 27th – and energy shift occurred. This happens when there has been a change and my physical body tries to adapt to the shift in my energy body’s higher frequency. So for over a week – sleep has been more pathetic than usual, headaches, body tremors, brain on hold — the fun stuff. Luckily when I do readings it’s something that just flows through me and doesn’t really require any brain work. So to help with this shift I have stayed away from all extra spiritual work – no mediations, no on purpose dream visits, no anything. This is why I haven’t written all last week – when I stay away from things – I stay away.

I don’t feel too bad today which is why I thought it was fine to write. I have been doing a lot of shifting and putting things behind me over the last week. I resigned from Whispers Media. No – nothing happened, it was just time to move forward. I have nothing but love for that company. So no more sex toy testing for me – damnit:) But I do have over 60 toys as it is and frankly — do I really need any more? Maybe a good glass dildo or two — but that’s it. I’m also going to be done with the L Word and I’m not going to do the sex talk show. Maybe some day I’ll do the talk show – just not right now. I’ve decided to focus all of my extra time and energy to my screenwriting. I’m good at it. And with my manager’s talent and fine-tuning ability — there’s no reason why I can’t make it — or at least make it to a point where something else opens up. No worries – I am still writing the OBE sex blog and book.

My guides told me to go out and by yellow for Will. I have to wear a yellow shirt when I talk to him. I have no idea why — but they comment and I just follow their lead. 3 days till I see him. He’s been in my mind a lot — not intrusive like – but it’s almost as if he’s here to see what I’m doing and how I’m doing. Looking forward to Wed and I find myself nervous. Not nervous to see him – that’ll be a piece of cake. It’s NYC with my 7 year old – that’s what makes me nervous. I have no idea what I’m doing, yet I have to act like I do. I have no idea how to hail a cab and the subway? I get hives just thinking about it. We’ll be okay – it’s just the big city and I’m a country girl:)

I won’t be doing any readings this week – I’m scheduling for the next week and beyond. And it’s filling up rather fast.

Watching the Oscars. I’m such a geek I never miss it. I’ve been watching since I was 10 years old. It’s cool as right now they are showing the Kodak theater – and I’ve been in there. My sister and I went in once for a tour. Tommy Lee Jones and Jack Nicolson sitting by one another — that would be a trip to be in that area and just listen to those two. I – of course – am going to cry when they show the stars that have passed this last year. I always do. This is the 80th awards and I remember having a dream once where this award show was significant for me. Not sure why. I guess maybe I’ll find out afterwards.

My dreams have been jamming lately — well, should I say — still. They are just so darn busy. Will and Bill are always in them — but I can’t remember exactly what happens, I just know that they are there.

BTW…Ted finally did marry the vamp last week. Good luck to them both — they are sure going to need it. I give it 3 years tops.

Back to Will — as he’s obviously on my mind. When we’re telepathically connected – I can sense fear, excitement, uneasiness, love, impatience and longing. I think that we are bouncing it off of each other. I can tell that he is not 100% about having his life tipped upside down – even if it is for a good reason. Change is scary no matter if it’s wanted or not. Add to this the unknown — and it can make the most optimistic person a pessimist. This is where I lie – I sway between optimism and pessimism. I think that I put the pessimism in my thoughts so that if things do not go as I would like – then it won’t be such a let down. Of course I am honestly not expecting much at all – more like this is a seed expedition. Planting a seed of curiosity. Will’s a thinker – once that seed is planted, he’ll work on it till he gets it worked out. A lot like Bill — but Will doesn’t overthink. We’ll see what happens. But one thing is for sure – the following Monday will usher in a new time for me, regardless if NYC goes well or not. I’m ready for something new in my life. I’m ready for something good.

I will not have my computer in NYC – but I will have the Crackberry (AKA Blackberry) with me in case there is a need and/or time to shoot off a quick post.

Don’t forget that Fri – Sun I’ll be in Lansing MI for Maria Shaw’s Cosmic Connection Covention. Stop out and say “Hi”.

Off to keep on watching the Oscars and working on “The Black Triangle”.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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