Halloween during a Mercury Retrograde. Not fair – not fair at all! Why? Because I have always done a spell on Halloween night – usually around midnight. No matter what spell I’ve ever cast, it has come to pass. But not this year as magic during the MR can have a horrible outcome! Why? Because during magic what you are doing is communicating your intention to the Divine. Mercury is the planet of communication. When that puppy travels backwards – normal day to day communications go screwy and with magic — ouch! Either things can turn out the exact opposite of what you want or it only happens 1/2 way. Either result is not good. So this year I will refrain from my magical Halloween fun until next year.

My son is so excited to go trick or treating tonight. Was I ever that excited to get gobs of candy? I know my dad was – lol. But I’m sure I loved my chocolate high as well. But we will be out and about around 6:30. He’s going as Batman this year.

The yard work I did, ripping up all of the garden plants to prepare the ground for winter, almost killed my lower arms. I haven’t even started on the front or side beds yet and the odds of me actually doing so are slim. But I will at least think about it:) BTW…I re-caulking of the bathtub was a complete success. No more leaks! Yay me!

I need you guys to be my psychic pimps again. Two reasons: 1) my dryer blew up and it’s 11 years old. Putting $160 into it is silly when I can get a new dryer for about $250. The only problem I do not have either amount handy – so I need dryer money. 2) The other night I had the most amazing experience with Will (details below) and when I was lying in my bed saying “come on all ready” – my guides are telling me again – “you’re not known enough.” I have no idea what kind of well-known they want me – but the more people I help, the more my name will get out there – right? So this is why I need the pimping help. Thank you in advance.

My hat’s off to single mothers with more than one child. I don’t know how they do it. I’m busting butt with just one kid, 2 dogs, 4 cats, and a house. I can’t imagine having two or more children and doing this. It’s been what – almost 4 months and I’m still not down to a workable routine. I roll out of bed at 6:30 am, check email, do online banking stuff, and off to take care of the animals. By 7:30 my son is up, I grab him breakfast and I jump in the shower. By 8:45 we’re walking to school. I work from 9 – 5 each day until I pick my son up from the after school program. From 5 – 6 I do house work & make dinner. From 6 – 8 it’s me and my son time (and outside work time). 8 – it’s his shower. 8:30 he’s in bed and I read to him. 9 rolls around and I throw a load of laundry in (to hang around the house the next day to dry). 9:15 – 10:00 I try to catch up on email (lol – now that’s a laugh, but I am making headway). By 10:00 I’m in bed ready to have a do over starting at 6:30 am.

On weekends I’ve set aside for writing. How much I get done depends on if my son is here or at his dad’s. Of course when he gets back from dad’s, he’s a handful and a half. So I’m not sure it’s worth him going over — but he is crazy about his dad.

And somehow I’m supposed to date in the midst of all of this. No wonder my guides said – no – there won’t be any real dating going on. Sex – yes if you want it – but no real dating. Did I tell you I canceled all of the dating sites I was on? SIGH – there’s just no time. Maybe once I get my routine down, I may work dating in — but it won’t be for awhile.

Will. Now this man has been on the front lines for several days now. I can always feel his energy with me – always. And if I feel myself getting really upset about something I used to have to ask for his help, now he senses it and just shows up. Sunday I was just in a state – between my dryer breaking, my son coming home with a major attitude problem and finding out that my ex has his gf spend the night when my son is over there (hence the need I think for the attitude adjustment). And I could not sleep. The next thing I knew it was 2:30 am and I’m still awake. I could feel his energy come in and snuggle in behind me. I fell asleep immediately. Now Monday I felt horrible – I was sick yet again. So sick that I had to cancel my L Word chat. Now during Monday I could feel him all around me – saying let it go, it’ll make you sick – let it go (the anger and frustration) and I wouldn’t. I could feel him try to pull it out of me – but I held on – I was pissed.

Part of me was thinking to myself that I’m just “delusional” about Will (yes, from time to time if I’m in a pissy mood I do still think that way – thankfully I’m not pissy too often) and that I should just ignore it. That is when a client who knows who Will is emailed me about Will. I then knew – that no, I wasn’t delusional. This was just another sign that I’m on track. Monday night as I very sickly laid down on my bed, I asked for an attitude adjustment by morning. Well, I got it — and it was Will who helped.

In the dream visit we were at the beach – it was night and I could hear the waves crashing against the sand. He and I were walking, talking about some project when we stopped walking and rested on a large boulder. We were still chattering away, bouncing ideas off of each other. I could tell that we were both really excited about the ideas being discussed (too bad I can’t remember the actual ideas). Who knows how it happened, but our faces were close and he said something and I lost my train of thought completely. He looked at me and asked if I was okay. I stumbled over my words, but I asked him to repeat what he asked as my thoughts escaped me. He repeated and I opened my mouth to answer — and again I couldn’t. I just looked at him. He mumbled something under his breath and kissed me. It was a good kiss too. I remember pulling back just grinning. He said that it’ll all work out, and to stop worrying. I could hear my alarm off in the distance. He said – I’m not done with you yet.

And I woke up, in a decent mood – feeling better – a definite attitude adjustment. And he was right, he wasn’t done. The telepathic sex was amazing. All still at the ocean and I could feel the coolness of the rock on my butt. More about this at the OBE sex blog.

My guide Edward just told me that there is no more email in the morning before my son gets up. It is a time for energy work and for reflection. If I put side the 15 – 20 min in the morning that was email time, I will find a significant change in my day. He hasn’t been wrong yet – so starting on Friday (after the MR goes direct) I will start my retraining.

As I’ve been writing today’s entry, I have been getting the biggest jolt of energy through me. It’s the trembling thing when I know a shift has occurred. Edward tell same it deal with Will. It was a change on his side. He tells me that Will has my letter and is contemplating what to do next. Energy guys — for those of you who know who Will is – please send him a dose of strength energy to contact me. For those of you who don’t know who he actually is – Will is really his name and that alone will be very helpful to put energy to his name. Will found me – not the other way around, so I can’t see why he will have problem contacting me. Thank you bunches in advance.

Bill and Ted are both on the outskirts of my energy. They are there – but they are not there. I think that I will try to help them focus more on the connection – to make it stronger. The connection is permanent already, but they have a habit of throwing up a semi-wall when they work and that makes the connection just a bit more convoluted. The energy connection can help them overcome their current personal and business difficulties.

Matthew jumps in and out of the energy field. He knows but he doesn’t know what is going on. Eventually he’ll catch on – I just have to keep sending him the group’s energy.

I asked Edward about me going in and drawing the guys to me li
ke a portal — as I’ve done before. He says we’re past that – they are alrady drawn to me. When I ask what I should be doing – he tells me to close my eyes and grab my healing wand. The 1st thing I saw was a blinding sun. I could hear Edwards’s voice ask me if I knew what I was looking at. I said sure – the sun. What does the sun do – he asked? It gives off positive, life affirming energy as well as a life force – it helps things grow. Correct he said. Now put these on. I put on a pair of sun glasses. Edward tells me to look again at the sun and behind the radiant rays I can see me. Edward tells me that that is what I am to do – give off the positive. life affirming and life force energy. He tells me to look away from the sun and I can see all 4 guys, basking in the sun’s glow. See Edward said – you be the sun and they will come closer to you. The morning energy raising and reflection – plus you getting more known will cause this to happen. You’ll notice almost an immediate change in everything as soon as you start to follow the plan.

I think I may start tomorrow. I can hear him say – good idea, Retrograde or not, it will still work.

And on that note – time for me to get back to work.

Happy Halloween!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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