Will, Playgirl, The "L" Word And More!

Will, Playgirl, The "L" Word And More!

So unlike me to go this long without an update. I’ve been seriously busy – honest I have. I’m going to do a list in order to catch ya’ll up to speed.

– Jan 25th/26th I’ll be in NYC at the Playgirl party. Damn that Whispers Media – I hate job perks – don’t you?

– Speaking of Whispers Media, we are going to host events on The “L” Word’s virtual community called – Second Life:) http://www.sho.com/site/lword/second_life.do (for US residents only). Now for those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile – you KNOW how much I love The “L” Word! So this to me is just fricken fantastic! As soon as I have dates/times for our WM events, I’ll let you know.

– Yesterday’s blog entry I mentioned the Healing Arts weekend I’ll be a part of at the end of April. If you want to go – NOW is the time to sign up. I’ll be doing two more events with Maria Shaw in 2007: Salem Witch Tour in Oct and a psychic cruise in either Dec or Jan 2008. I am beyond psyched and honored to be a part of these events:)

– Speaking of Maria, she did a reading for me on Will. I’ll get to that in a minute — but Will has continued to be right there. A very loving, very respectful energy that is not pushy, self-serving or angry. His spirit embodies everything I could possibly want in a good friend, a teacher and whatever else the universe has in store for us. Last night we had another wonderful dream visit. We chatted about my cat Darin and how he is my night-time angel who takes his protection job very seriously and trust me, as soon as the sun sets he is at my side until I wake up. The cat is relentless! Any ways – this morning I woke up with a smile on my face and I could smell Will – a type of cologne or maybe soap – I don’t know but it was woodsy and spicy all at the same time.

– I asked Maria about Will and what is our connection as I couldn’t get a handle on why he is so predominate in everything I do now. Maria’s good — and for only $40 you get a question answered: http://www.mariashaw.com/store/one_question/index.html . I told her what I know about him this is what she said:

Dear Allie – Without his birth time, it will be a more difficult to say how you fit into his chart but I do know where he fits in yours.

This Will gentlemen…and BTW, you will likely meet or at least correspond sometime this year; either before April or after August. He would make a good business partner because he would be very supportive of your efforts and offer assistance; either his energy, time, knowledge, resources, etc. to help you on your path.

You will really like him because your Venus conjuncts his sun sign in Gemini. Whenever you see an aspect such as this between two people, it is great for chemistry; sometimes for love and other times for friendship. In other words, this is a wonderful connection to have.

I spoke with a reporter from Kenya yesterday who is doing a story on me for a LA-based magazine. I did his chart before he called and saw that we had a Venus connection like yours and Will’s. The conversation was wonderful; just like 2 old friends talking. We both has the same views and both understood what the other was talking about. The interview just flowed and was a pleasure to do. You have the same connection with Will.

It also shows that he could be a great teacher. You could learn a lot from this man and by knowing him, you could grow spiritually even more so. He could introduce you to a new way of looking things and expand your vision of the world in some way. Also there is a spiritual connection between you two and the main purpose is for “learning” and spiritual growth. I guess if you took it further, you two could collaborate on a book, a seminar or a teaching tool in some way. But definitely there is strong spiritual growth associated with this relationship.

On a mundane level, there could also be an attraction between you two; first because of the “mind”……you will be drawn to the intellectual side of Will or his deep, intensity and communication style.

In some ways, this could be a lucrative business partnership and if you were to take a different route, a more personal relationship.

So in answer to your question; yes, you can be together in this lifetime if you pursue the relationship, from a business stand point first. You may need to reach out since you are the “student”. You know that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. But you need to grant him permission to help you. He has already appeared to you. But you will need to pursue the relationship first and then get it rolling. Venus and some other connections in your chart will help you two come together.

So I thought about what she said for a spell and then did a short incantation to let the Universe and Will know that I an open and give permission to Will for his help and guidance. That next morning I sent Maria an email and told her a few more personal items about Will that I knew. Minutes later she offered me the chance to join her on a few of her projects. Coincidence? Nope – there’s no such thing.

– I have also given great thought over the last couple of weeks that Will reads this blog. He found me, not the other way around like Bill and Ted. And now, just like Bill and Ted will do at some time with me – I have to pursue Will to let him know that I am ready.

– So what about Bill and Ted? Not much really – at least lately. Ted has pulled way back and he seems to be sulking over something and Bill – I can tell – is very busy with work and when that happens all doors are closed until he is done. That’s okay — they both know where to find me.

– I wrote the prof I did a talk for at the College of Wooster and asked her if she knew of anyone who would like to do research/write a paper on past lives. This is what she wrote back:

I first wanted to let you know thatin the final journal entries for my FYS students and on the course evaluations, at least half of the students cited your visit as one ofthe most memorable, enjoyable and informative aspects of this course!

I know you won’t be offended when I say that for some, it was because they found you a little wacky but entertaining (i.e. they weren’tconvinced!), but others found your visit to be informative, comforting(especially for a couple students who had experienced recent losses!),and thought-provoking. So, thank you!

In response to your latest email, one of the things I liked best about meeting you was your skepticism and need to “increase the sample size” before really believing some of the things that have happened to you. I don’t know of anyone at the College interested in studying past lives, I’m quite sure there’s nobody in the biology department, but I will forward your email to a friend in the psychology department in case there is anyone over there that would be interested.

I’m entertaining, wacky and comforting — I wouldn’t have it any other way!

And I think that is it for now. I’ll try to keep up, but it’s difficult with the amount of daily work I have to do.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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