Will, My Son And MI!

Will, My Son And MI!

Wow — what a couple of days. My son and I had such a good time in NYC. No time for pizza though – but I’m hopeful that I will have a reason to return and stay a few days. Then I’ll get my pizza and maybe take in some sights. Right now though, I’m bone tired. But my mind will not stop whirling. I made it to MI a few hours ago for Maria Shaw’s convention.

I’ll be here in Lansing MI at the Hampton Inn (on Canal) until someday Sunday afternoon. Then it’s a 4 1/2 hour drive back home. So say a certain male someone was free after wrapping things up Sat night and flew into Lansing Sunday morning – then it would give us 4 1/2 of uninterrupted time to chat if this person were to drive back to Ohio with me. It’s a thought – I plan to leave by 2:00 unless I get a call first. Hey – you never know unless you put the idea out there – right? Besides, my son would be ecstatic.

Speaking of my son – he had the best time meeting Will. I have never seen him so excited – and man was he happy. After the rough year he’s had – it made my heart feel good to see him so happy. Will talked to him – not at him. And even though the time was short – he made my son feel important – that what my son said and did mattered. And my kid really needed that. So even if Will and I never spoke again, that sliver in time will always be with me.

A part of me is panicking about Will — just a small part – but just the same it’s there. I have done the no-no and am thinking “What if”. As in “What if he’s never been to this site before?” or “What if once he reads this blog that he has no idea what in the hell I’m talking about?” or worse yet “What if he reads this blog and thinks I’m @ucking nuts and never speaks to me again?”

And then my $.02 tells me — if it’s supposed to happen it will happen. Period.

I’m okay for a short time, then it kicks in again.

For whatever reason – email isn’t working right. So more than likely I will not be able to do email again until Monday morning.

I need to go to sleep. When I tried to snooze last night I spent the whole time talking to Will (in dreams). I remember telling him that I felt very comfortable around him (and he me) and that is why I was able to be as upfront and as bold as I was.

Good night!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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