Will, Merlin and Dimensional Magic!

Will, Merlin and Dimensional Magic!

For a couple of years I wrote a lot about Merlin and my trips to his cave. I always found it fascinating to be there and usually Will was there as well 🙂  Even though I haven’t written about Merlin or Will for awhile – they have been by my side again for months. Will is being – well – observant. He isn’t communicating with me really – just watching. I have a feeling that our paths will be crossing again within a year’s time. A gut feeling. I only hope my son is with me when it happens because he ADORES Will. Still 🙂 It’s been almost 5 yrs since we ran into will in NYC and it is still one of the major highlights of my son’s life.

Now with Merlin and Will around – kind of hovering – I knew something was afoot. What was I supposed to be doing? What lesson was I supposed to be learning? Obviously Merlin is magic – and since this is also Will’s prominent gift, to me it meant I needed to do something different magically.

That’s exactly what I started to do. I experimented with my spells. Not only with the spells I did periodically for myself – but the spells that I wrote and cast for clients. I alternated whether I physically cast the spell or if I mentally cast it in my own other dimensional spell room. Everything would be the same  – I either physically dressed the candles – rolled them in herbs or mentally did so. I always said the incantations out loud. Then I sat back to see if there was a difference in spell outcomes. There was!

Spells are designed to use elements to focus in on a person’s intent and help shift the energy to make it happen. The spells I did in my dimensional spell room not only worked better – but worked almost immediately! It was a consistent difference. Both spells would work – but the astral dimension/thought one produced faster results!

I asked Merlin why is this? Of course his 1st answer was – why do you think I kept bring you and Will to this dimension? It wasn’t for my health. Ha – a smart ass to the end. Love it. But then he went on…

When you perform magic you are manipulating energy. When you do all the spell work in your physical world, it takes longer for the item’s energy (the candles, herbs, oils) to convert into the “gas” energy form and merge with what is in and around everything. A solid merging with gas takes longer than a gas merging with gas. Humans think they need tangible items to make magic work and they do not. You have a silly habit of having to SEE things in order to believe they will work. Humans have a lot to learn!

Then he went on to tell me I have to teach others how to do this. I told him I’d add it to my list. He told me to hurry up 🙂

I have under a week to come up with an extra $600 to save my house from foreclosure. If you could look ————————————————–> for the donation button and donate – my entire household would be grateful. Whatever lesson I am supposed to be learning by this constant threat of always losing my home – I wish I would hurry up and learn it. If I were a betting person (usually I’m not), I’d wager than it’s a combination of: asking for help, open to receiving, and how to put things out there and let them go.

I do not think it’s chance that the one area I cannot let go of is the one area where I have problems. Do you find that in your life? That you have an area – love, money, family, career — that you cannot let go of from worrying “how” and “if” and that is the one area you have the most problems? Which of course causes you to worry and the cycle just continues.

Last night my son yelled at me for making us poor. I said I didn’t want this. He said sure you did or we wouldn’t be here. Didn’t you say our choices lead us to where we are? I said yes. He said – see — you made us poor. Now do something and make us rich – I’m sick of being stressed.

He most certainly has a point.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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