Will, Iris And Today's Plans!

Will, Iris And Today's Plans!

Today has not been going as planned – not at all. I had the day all scheduled – swimming in the morning, a few errands afterwards, work from early afternoon to around one and then the BLACK TRIANGLE for the rest of the day. So — last weekend my washer finally blew up with no amount of band-aids being able to fix it. I ordered a new washer (grateful for the room on my cc). It arrived today (yay), they brought it over to be installed today (yay) — but they can’t seem to get it hooked up without leaking (boo). The 1st two guys came and left 3x trying to find a solution. Now team 2 is here trying to figure out what to do. Of course with all the comings and goings – Allie can’t go swim, or do her errands and everytime I start on something – I get pulled away. Not really bitching – per say – for I’m thankful that Lowes is trying to figure out what to do and they haven’t left me high and dry. Just frustrated.

But I do get to go to a murder mystery party tomorrow night:) That’ll be fun for my son and I! But I found out that right after I got a call from my dad saying that I have to cancel my trip to see him (due to his new boss not letting him the time off – when you’re 64, the last thing you want to do is to piss off your new boss and get fired) so that was a bummer.

I have smooth legs and nothing to do with them – ha ha! I’ll try again on Monday to swim:) I decided yesterday to incorporate that into my weekly schedule. Tues & Thurs I have karate – so I figure Mon-Wed-Fri swim would do me good. I used to love to swim and did it alllllll the time until I met my ex. Then it just stopped. And the weight came on. Now I want my outside to feel as good as my inside does. It won’t be as easy to lose weight swimming as it did 20 years ago – but the water always makes me feel at home. I take comfort in that.

Okay – time out while the Lowes men finish up. Have to run to the store and do some more readings…..

Did the errands and what day wouldn’t be complete without a call from the school. SIGH.

Trying to work on the BLACK TRIANGLE but having a serious case of writer’s block. I can normally push through it and I’m trying. Of course if I got laid I think the block would be gone – lol. But since getting laid would actually involve me meeting someone – I can’t see that happening in the foreseeable future. But since I really DO like my life – I’m sure sex will come when it’s supposed to. I just wish I could fast forward it a bit…..

I had an interesting meeting with Jezell, Brigit and Isis today. They were all going on how important it is for me to finish BT (yeah, duh — how about some unblocking help) for the next step to move forward. Right as they were yammering about that, a bright light appeared. I stared at it and this very robust woman stepped form it. My initial reaction was no fucking way. The woman smiled at me. I’m like again — get out of town — you cannot be Iris. She smiled — so you’ve heard of me.

For Christ’s sake — of COURSE I heard about you — I put you in DREAMERS as a GUIDE! She laughs again — she knows dang well I know who she is. Iris then tells me to get used to it because it is her and I for the long haul – long after everyone else has moved back. I thought to myself – just frickin great – she’s a no nonsense smart ass. Just what I need – a female Ethan. She said – I heard that — and he’s a male Iris. Get it right honey.

Now – Iris tells me – it’s time to whip your heine into shape and get a move on with that script. You’re wasted time. Well Iris, if you could do something to help out with this writer’s block, it would be great. Isis steps forward (I forgot she was there) – consider it done. Pay attention to your dreams. And she shimmered from sight.

Jezell grabs my hand and takes me through a wall. We’re by a river. The river is wide and there are plenty of boats going down her. Against a willow tree sits Will. Jezell tells me to go. I hurry over to Will and stare down at him. He looks up at me, smiles and says – hey beautiful. He opens up his arms and I snuggle right in. Neither of us says a word – we don’t have to. Then before I’m ready for it to end, he fades from my sight and I’m back in my office. Damn it , damn it, damn it.

All day I could feel his energy around me. I’m always amazed, yet not surprised, how comforting his energy is to me.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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