Will, His Energy And Dream Visits!

Will, His Energy And Dream Visits!

Holy Toledo Batman!

That’s how it felt this morning when Will has some kick ass breakthrough. I have no idea what happened or how it happened. But the energy surge that went through my body about took me to my knees. And his energy was/is not only strong – that baby is on fire. It was more of a WHAM than when Bill or Ted had any of their breakthroughs — had I not known better I would have sworn it was me who had the wall come down – but I knew it wasn’t. After I said a few cuss words to myself – I through out a few tarot cards to find out what happened: The Tower, Wheel Of Fortune, Lovers. Which for a long story short means the man got blindsided but something that shook his world all over the dang place but it opened up a window of opportunity. It’s up to him whether to take it or not – but it’s a choice that needs to be made and if he doesn’t make it — and/or choose the wrong answer (wrong meaning the wrong path that will not take him to his next destiny marker) than he’ll have the chance again to make that choice. Each time that choice will be presented to him – it will be a harder choice to make — as going in the correct direction will not be as easy as it is today.

So lets all pray that he makes the right choice now – sooner rather than later.

Last night I had a dream visit with a few of the readers from the Maria Shaw psychic fairs. Joanne was the one I remember the most -and I’m pretty sure Betty was there as well (both are just awesome people) – but we were looking at a class that someone was teaching — it said Learn The ____ Tarot. The name I don’t remember – but it started with an “O”. And no – I don’t think it was the orgasm tarot – lol:) But if so — sign me up! Any ways — I commented on how I could teach that class too — and then mentioned teaching the OBE sex classes.

The readers and I were in a school. Next thing I know – I’m in a class room, with Will, in this same school. We had just started to date. He was shy, very loving, very kissy. We were taking a class – there were a lot of adults around – when he left, he gave me a kiss and said he had to run. He had on a white t-shirt and when he turned and walked out ahead of me, I could see a red haze around his lower back – reminded me of a coiled snake.

When I got into the hallway, it’s packed with adults all walking to and from class. I look over and there’s Will – but it’s not Will. Same white t-shirt though. I asked – you’re not Will. He smiled and said no I’m not. Who are you — I asked? I’m Will’s twin – Carl. This Carl was very loving – but very stern and matter of fact. He wanted to know about me. I told him that I owned my own home, paid my bills – I do not have any collection people after me. I’m not dating anyone – talked about my son. I have pets – 2 dogs and 4 cats. He tapped his lips with his index finger. I asked if that was good – the 4 cats. He said – oh yeah, that’s good.

I told him that there is no way in the world that I’d ever hurt Will on purpose. He asked if I would die for Will and without hesitation I said – of course.

Then I woke up:)

At 1st I thought – Will does not have a twin. But then I remembered he’s a Gemini — so astrological wise, there are 2 of him – 2 half’s. The red coil – my thought, because where it was located and the BAM from his energy I felt today, it could be his kundalini energy. It must of risen today — or is getting dang close to doing so.

Taxes? Did you get them done? I’m finishing up mine tonight. I figured I owe – why hurry?

I did a good topic today on the podcast about Open Living — which is the opposite of Closed Living — being closed off from what we need – what we deserve. Since I have put into practice what I talked about – things have been working for me. For many months I had a hard time picking out what topics to cover in the podcast – but once I started ask my guides what I should cover — it’s been a piece of cake:)

17 days until NYC – but who’s counting?

And speaking of counting – it’ll be time to get my son before I know it. Back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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