Will, Elliot And I'm Baffled!

Will, Elliot And I'm Baffled!

My son was home from school yesterday with a broken toe. The silly boy karate kicked the couch thinking he had his shoes on. Had he listened to me – his shoes would of been on. But when he did it – myself and his dad didn’t think it was broken. It looked hurt – but not broken. My son tends to be dramatic (no comments from the peanut gallery please), so both of us wonderful parents thought he was just playing it up. We rushed him to get his shoes on (this was about 20 min after he hit his toe) as he was going to be late for his Boy Scout meeting where they were going to race Derby Cars (he won 1st place). The next morning it was still killing him so I took him to the doc’s and yep — broken. I felt horrible – so did my ex. We apologized to the kid last night. SIGH…my little voice kept saying “Al, his toe is broken – listen to me” and well…..

Lesson learned. And the kid hobbled to school this morning.

Today has been difficult in regards to Will. I have no idea why it is so upsetting to be apart from him today. But waves of sadness hit me out of left field – hang around for 15 min or so — then it’s gone. I’m clueless on why today is deemed important. Could it be that he had a breakthrough? Maybe a puzzle piece fell into place and that “ah-ha” moment arrived? No clue. What I do know though is that my emotions are on my sleeve and my neck is ultra sensitive. When I get hit my visions – or when my third eye is all the way open, my neck is very sensitive and I have a habit of rubbing my neck when that happens.

This morning during shower time my neck was just driving me crazy — then a vision hit me of getting a phone call out of the blue. It was from a man named David who called to tell me that Will had collapsed and was in a coma. Before he went under, he kept calling for me – he’s woken up briefly twice and both times saying the same thing. I asked David if he was sure it was me Will was referring to — and he was positive. But I had to hurry. So the next thing I see if me getting out of a cab and running into a hospital.

I’m at Will’s room and there are a few people there – one of them is David. He has Will’s family allow me in — I grab Will’s hand and beg him to come back. That after having a break through – knowing who I am, remembering our past loves he can’t leave now. I need you, I love you – I kept telling him and I was crying. I laid my had on his side and I felt his hand touch my hair. Those big blue eyes were smiling at me. Doctor’s came rushing in – I promised him that I would be right outside. I head the doctor’s mention something about cancer — then they whisked him away for some tests.

I’m sitting next to Will on his bed, just enjoying being there – when a doctor comes in — seems Will’s cancer is no where to be found – no where. He’s baffled – Will’s shocked – and since I had no clue about what was going on – I was taken a back as well. And that’s when the vision ended.


Now last night during dream time —- I was in the midst of a dream visit with Will when my cats fought and yanked me right out of it. I was ticked. Will and I were under a Willow tree, having a picnic and laughing over a book he was reading out loud.

The other dream visit I remember was with Elliot. Remember him from last week? I had thought that he was just the messenger for getting Dan and I together. But I think that I was wrong. Last night he just showed up for a dream visit and it was all about sex. I was shocked to see him – he wasn’t so shocked to see me. Now today he is around – his energy is strong – but I don’t think it’s a conscious effort on his part to be here this strong. What I can’t figure out is the why. Every time I push his energy away – it drives back to me stronger than when I pushed it. Very odd. And I’m baffled. When he’s “here” I keep hearing him say – don’t I know you? Why do I know you? And I don’t have any answers for him. I’ve meditated, did the tarot – runes and nothing is coming back that is clear. It’s a bunch of mixed messages and I find when that happens I’m not supposed to know something yet. He found me like Will did — but Will I guess was a different find. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m curious to see where this connection with Elliot will end up – if anywhere. We’ll see if he shows up tonight.

Can you believe I’ve never heard from “America’s Psychic Challenge”? What — I’m not psychic enough for ya? Sheesh.

My guides want me to offer energy healing again to people. They keep telling me it is the next gift that I have to keep utilizing and refining. I’m not sure when I’ll add that back into the web site – but since they won’t stop bothering me about it, it’ll probably be soon. I’ve also decided that I’m going to incorporate my investigation service (Cheat Peeps) into the site. Having too many separate things is draining on my energy and that’s the last thing I need. So I’ll be adding that in there soon –as well as a store. So many things – so little time…

But my 1st priory is to finish up with the BLACK TRIANGLE:) Which – I’m going to go work on now…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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