For the last several weeks I’ve looked forward to watching “Burn After Reading” today. But did I? No. SIGH. My stupid movie theater doesn’t have any afternoons shows when then kids are in school. Blah. Don’t they think adults actually watch movies too? So now I have to wait until some evening when my ex has my son for more than an hour or two. I could do tomorrow – but I’m meeting an old high school friend for dinner. And before you ask yes – the friend is male. He happens to be a firefighter out in WY. Actually – he’s a Fire Chief in WY. No – there isn’t anything romantic here — that’s why we’ve been friends since we were 5. Besides – did I mention he lives in WY? I’m not moving there. Of course – he is trying to find a job in CA. Any ways – it will be nice to see him.

DREAMERS is a go with my manager and my manager’s boss – and let me tell you, that man (as in the boss) is not an easy sell and he thought it was fantastic (give myself a pat on the back for that one). As Iris said – this will be the version that sells. Finger crossed! I brings me one step closer to Will!

I finished part one on Robert’s list – I got the outline of the workshop complete:)

Now – remember Bob from a few days ago? He is making himself more known during the waking hours. His energy feels very protective – like a Knight protecting his Queen. In fact. I keep getting fast glimpse of me as a queen and he as my knight. But he was a knight who was very creative – very poetic and smart. He could read – and write marvelous poetry. My king was much older than me, a friend of my father’s and I married him out of duty, to unite the two houses. He died protecting me from the enemies of my husbands. We were also lovers – as I can see him touching me very tender like. He had that twinkle in his eye when he looked at me.

So – Bob is here and no matter what I’m doing or working on – he pops up into my third eye. In this life – he is currently married for the 2nd time. He has a few children. The scene that keeps popping my my vision goes like this:

We’re in Central Park. He and I are talking about life in general. About our wishes, dreams. I can tell by the way we interact that we’ve met like this many times. I tell him that he has to either make it work with his wife or let her go. It’s not fair to either of them. And plus – I don’t play second fiddle to anyone if I’m in a relationship. It doesn’t matter how I feel about them. I have more respect for myself than that.

He looks at me, with a sidewise glance – so you do like me? Now don’t take this out of context – I say. You just need to make it work – or leave because you want to leave. That’s all I’m saying. So in order for you to get your head on straight – I don’t think we should meet like this any more. I couldn’t look him in the eyes – they looked — wounded. Tears were hanging on – he struggled to keep his cool. Then – I hugged him. It was a long hug, nether one of us wanted to let go. I pulled away, and I had tears flowing down my face. He’s like – you’re crying — you do care about me. I get pissed and start yelling at myself — you had it under control – why did you hug him you idiot.

He wrapped his big ole arms around me – and it felt so snug and protective – like I was safe from the world. But I pushed away and told him good – bye.

I walked away – his eyes stared right through me. My legs felt like lead – it took everything I had to move forward and away from him.

Then the vision shifts — I’m not sure how far after this happens…..a messenger comes to the studio and drops off an envelope for me. I open it up and it’s a copy of Bob’s divorce papers with a note – Meet me and Franks at 10:00 pm.

At 10:00 I walked into Franks – he was waiting for me.

Then it was over.

So being the person that I am – I looked up Franks in NYC and got this: And this was it — this was the place from my vision. I know I will certainly have to scope it out.

When I do meet Bob in person (and I know I will) – it’s in that crowded room – I feel him staring at me – I immediately look right at him and when I do it’s as if someone hit him in the stomach. He smiles – but I can tell there’s that “what in the hell just happened” look.

Before I forget – I wrote about an OBE with Bob. I also asked Maria about him – I’ll post the reading when I get it.

I got a new tarot deck today – The Wisdom of the Avalon. I drew cards for Will – Merlin & the High Priestess came up – I drew cards for Bob – The Grail Knight & The Bee. Both got the Spider card. So to make a long story short – I work on creative projects with both of them – with Will what I see will come to pass and with Merlin in the midst, everything will unfold as it should. With Bob – the bee brings good luck and the knight — protection.

I have to work with this deck more – but what I see so far I like.

Damn — just had an “ah-ha” moment. I was upset with Will becasue he pulled away. He was upset with me because I pulled away – and in his eyes I was “moving on”. But it wasn’t me or him that pulled away — it was IRIS! She put a wall between us – it was the only way I would get DREAMERS done. Big fricken DUH ALLIE! See Will – I told you there’s no reason to be mad at me.

Need to get to bed – I’m one tired pup!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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