All I have to say is why didn’t I think of this:

God that would have been great!! HA! But that’s long over and I’m finally – I do believe – all over it. I feel that over the last year no matter how happy I was to be rid of the negative weight my marriage brought me – I still held onto some of the anger. But oddly enough – I just woke up this week and it was gone. Don’t know why – don’t know how – but that doesn’t matter. I also had an unexpected shift that resulted in a determination to move out of Ohio. Sure I’ve always said I wanted to — but now I’m determined to — that’s a whole different ball game.

I’m getting ready to leave for FL. If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t gotten back to you yet – the odds are slim that I will before I leave. Although I am taking my lap top with me. This only in case I’m inspired to write – I’ve had some interest in Dreamers so I have to redo that again. I’ll be by the gulf – lounging on the beach for 5 days – and I do get my best ideas in and around water — so you never know. The lounging part al depends on how much my father drives me crazy – or the combo of my father and my son – through my step-mom into the mix and I just don’t know. It won’t be a dull trip – that’s for sure! My son is excited that I won’t work (technically) for 5 days – he’s excited we get to play all the time:) His favorites games are Trouble and Uno! I’m trying to get him interested in Clue – but so far no deal.

My son is all signed up to go back to his school upon our return from FL. I don’t know if it was good or bad that the principal remembered him by name. I’m thinking bad. He’s kind of of excited to go – that should last maybe a week – probably more like 3 days. I’m working on him energy wise – the laying of the stones is going well. I am also working on him after he goes to bed with what I call Energy Smoothing. It’s taking the uneven parts of his energy field and making them smooth. I don’t do this over him while he’s asleep – but I stay in my office while he’s in bed. I can zone in on his energy field and pour colors into his energy field or take the excess away. Then it’s like my hands go over his energy field to smooth out the rough edges – it’s a pretty cool process that I had a dream about weeks ago. I had forgotten about even having the dream until I went back through my dream journal the other day. In the dream I was in Atlantis. I was working on Ted’s energy with the process I described above. As I was working on his energy, Bill was placing different crystals/stones in this water channel that ran around the outside of the crystal bed Ted was on – it was very cool. I would shift energy, Bill would then change stones and I would fine tune Ted once again. This went on until when Bill changed stones – Ted’s energy wouldn’t flux, but stayed smooth. I haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate the crystal table/water channel with stones. Unless I worked on him while he took a shower – and I could but some crystals/stones around the tub. Humm…

When I get done with my son – I should work on Ted. That man and his energy – dang it’s all screwed up. I don’t see how that man functions on a day-to-day basis. His face/energy did come by yesterday – but it was a very short visit. It was almost as if he was checking in on me and then he left. I tried to get him to come back – no dice.

Bill is in my dreams a lot lately. Mostly we are doing the same thing we always do – pour over notes, books and maps. This last dream we were in a very dusty, moldy – haven’t been touched in over 200 years – type of room. Whatever clue we found in the previous dream led is here (I, of course, didn’t write that dream down). Both of us kept coughing because of all of the dust we stirred every time we moved. We were looking for a book that had 3 interlocking silver circles and the circles were interlocked so that it formed a triangle. We searched and searched and finally found it. Bill removed it from the shelf and we thumbed through it. There wasn’t anything there. He was complaining – and I took my flashlight and shown it into the empty space where the book has been. I saw something…..told Bill to come here and we removed some books. Back into the shelf was a 3 stone lock – meaning there were places for the placement of 3 stones. We looked at one another – we need Ted. Both of us looked panicked – Ted isn’t the most reliable one on the planet these days. Bill said he’d work on him — and he left, I woke up. No wonder Ted’s energy came through earlier in the day (it just dawned on me – duh), we needed him in our dream visit.

Iris told me this morning that her time with me is almost over – at least for now. I asked who was coming next, she said my guide Andrew. I asked if he was my great uncle Andrew who was actual my grandma’s 1st husband (had pneumonia and died – then she married his brother – my gramps). When she answered me – I had a hard time receiving her answer as my brain got involved and wanted it to be a yes. So I took a step back, cleared my mind and asked to see a picture of my guide Andrew. It was a picture of my Uncle Andrew. I’m curious to see how this is going to play out as the stories I heard from Grams about him was that he was a very loving, kind and gentle man. Nothing like his brothers. I asked Iris what is his purpose with me? She said to find love. That’s a good thing:) But Iris will be here for a spell longer – she said as soon as one thing slips into place in regards to my career – the door closes with her (for now and she stressed the FOR NOW part – lol). She of course, did not tell me what needs to slip into place – but I’m sure it has to do with my screenwriting — or — my OBE Sex workshops.

Last night Will actually popped in while I was taking a shower. No – nothing happened. But the exchange went something like this:

W: It’s about time.
A: What?
W: It’s about time that you let me back in.
A: Last time I checked you were old enough to use the phone without your mommies permission.
He didn’t say a word for a few moments and then….
W: I know. But we’re going to see each other soon.
A: We are? Why?
W: Does the why matter?
A: Yep.
W: I don’t know the why except that it has something to do with your Dreamers.
A: Why can’t you pick up the phone – seriously. Your girlfriend has plenty of male friends and you have plenty of female friends. Why can’t I just be one of those friends?
W: Because — it wouldn’t work that way and you know it.
A: Do I now? I know how to say no.
He shot me a sideways look, raised an eyebrow (damn it was cute).
W: No you don’t.
A: You do not have that much power of me — now if you were British AND could speak Italian, you may stand a chance.
Will smiles.
W: We’ll see. In the mean time, I can’t call.
A: And in the mean time I am not waiting around – nor am I putting the energy into having you contact me.
W: I know. I know. (in a very irritated voice)
A: Now go place house or whatever it is you do and let me finish my shower.
W: You’re bull headed.
A: And you’re a chicken shit.

And he was gone. He did leave with that cute grin of his. I guess we’ll see what happens once I finish the latest version of Dreamers.

BTW — has anyone seen the trailer to Burn After Reading ? I have to see the movie just because Brad Pitt is such a dork in this trailer — and George Clooney is not far behind.

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I wasn’t on the Maria Shaw Show on this week. Maria’s producer, Joe, was in the hospital. He’s out and feeling okay now – thanks goodness, he’s good person — and apparently no one has my contact information except Joe. Next week I’ll be in FL so
I won’t be on either.

On that note I am out of here. If anything exciting happens I’ll send you a message on the Crackberry. If not – see you in a week!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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