My lower body is fricken killing me. And no, I didn’t get lucky last night. I had karate yesterday – twice. My private lesson and then the lesson with my son. In the morning I was flipping people and learned a new kick – had a blast. In the evening my son flipped me a few times and he learned the kick I did that morning as well as both of us learning a few moves. Last night when I went to bed – no problems at all.

Getting out of bed proved to have it’s own set of problems. I was like – WTF? Wow — what a difference a day makes. My son and I are taking the summer off from karate – he thinks it’s to give us a break – but actually its to pay for his eye therapy and other things he wants to do this summer. Plus his 8th birthday is July 1st (I can’t believe he’ll be that old!).

Of course this morning I couldn’t believe how old I felt! HA!

I woke up at 2:58 last night and couldn’t go back to sleep for about an hour. Will and Bill are rummaging around and keeping me awake. When I woke up I knew I had just come from seeing them – but I don’t know what happened. I asked Iris to clue me in and she said that it’s better if I don’t consciously know what was said. To me that sounds like I’d be really pissed if I knew. But I was awake, and trying to fall back to sleep kept bring up images of those two fighting. I finally feel asleep in time to wake back up again.

I emailed Tracey Monday night and told her to watch out for the two of them – I just had this feeling….she emailed me back and said that Bill already visited her Sat night in the midst of a Reiki session and then woke her up with a start Tuesday morning at 5:00 am CDT. I write back to say that I woke up at 6:00 am EDT with a start – we both knew it was Bill. She told Bill to go away both times, as she was busy — I told her he’d be back. She wrote me back twice yesterday:

Well, Allie, I went back to sleep and I guess I must have been in a coma because I just woke up. So, surprise no more because they both visited me in my dream.First, Bill and I are in this office with a long table. We are sitting at the end of the table. There is a large window at the end of the office.

Bill tells me that has pissed off because he stepped back to allow Will to come forward and the bastard (his words not mine) has not come through. So, he wants me to sit in on a meeting with Will. He tells me he has called him in under the pretense of talking to him about a business opportunity. I say okay – so what am I to do? He says, you are my assistant – here….and he hands me a laptop. I say okay?

He says the plan is confrontation time. Either he will come forward with Allie or I will. I am tired of waiting around on this. I tell him okay. (Its obvious he’s in charge)

It was ten minutes to eleven in the dream and Will was to be there at eleven. At ten minutes after eleven we get a call on the speaker phone that he’s on his way to the conference room. At eleven, eleven he arrives.

He comes in and shakes Bill’s hand and Bill introduces me and Will shakes my hand and stares at me for a long time and says, okay, what’s going on? He is looking at me!

Thankfully Bill says, Well, Will, (very condescendingly) here’s the deal. I stepped back from Allie. to allow you to move forward and you are not coming forward so to put it bluntly …… WTF is your problem and are you going to show up or not?

Will, looks stunned – and then he says, you know, Bill, (condescendingly) I don’t owe you an F’ing explanation. Bill says I think you do! I am the captain of this team!

Will says well, then I quit! Bill says you can’t quit, you idiot! Will says well, I am not sure what I am doing. Bill says, clearly! (condescendingly)

Then Will goes silent – and Bill does a lot of yelling – with lots of F words………..Bill tells me to leave the room. I feel like he’s about to get physical with Will………….so, I leave………

I hear all kinds of fighting – finally Will pipes in with some choice words!

Then Will leaves and slams the door. He kisses me on the cheek and walks down the hall to the elevator and gets in.

Bill opens the door abruptly – and looks at me laughs and smiles and says, I win – and I wake up!

Tracey was confused as to what it meant to “win” here. I told her that one or the other would be back to give her more of a clue. I also told her that indeed Bill and Ted stepped back awhile ago to let Will in. Later on I got my second email:

Well, I could not stay awake. I took another nap.

This time I just got Bill – he said that he has worked out things with Will – he says the issue with Will is that he does not understand all of this fully! (geesh)

So, Bill said that he and Will have to calm down and sit down again. He thinks that he may have let his anger take control and then things got out of control. He’s going to let me know when – he’s sick of everyone being busy. He feels like he cannot get through to everyone he wants to talk to. He said he wants Ted there too.

He feels like you (Allie) have pulled back and he does not like that because he’s afraid that you are giving up and he’s afraid you are right that if someone does not step up everyone loses. He also wants you to know his girlfriend is dispensable and he smiled.

He seemed much more calm. He said he is going to stop drinking caffeine again (while he was smoking) and he’s going to take a nap. He has not slept in over 24 hours. He’s also going to create a less intimidating place to meet. So, he told me to be on the look out for something different and unique!

I had told Tracey that once one of them showed up to tell them that one better step up and soon or no one will need to bother making all of us have to repeat this lesson in the next life — and let me tell you if that happened I will make sure they have to really – really work to get to me.

Now I’m just waiting for another email from her as I’m sure they showed up last night. The poor girl – she is going to be soooo tired.

Speaking of tired – DREAMERS still isn’t where it needs to be. It’s the dialogue — I can’t get it. To me it sounds natural – but to everyone else it doesn’t. Maybe I just talk weird:) Back to the drawing board on that. Still working on that treatment for the Nick show. Fingers crossed here for me guys — some light to help me unlock any creativity that is stuck would greatly be appreciated.

I’m on and/or AOL today on the Maria Shaw Show in the 11:00 hour to talk about OBE sex and some love magic. Tonight I will be on Global Psychics from 8 – 9 pm EDT to discuss gypsy magic and do on air psychic readings!

And on that note — I’m back to work!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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