Will, Bill And Tracey Part 2!

Will, Bill And Tracey Part 2!

I told you I was waiting for an email from Tracey. With as much sleep as I did not get last night I just knew they were there with her. So I emailed Tracey and told her she was killing me keeping me wondering what’s going on. Here’s her reply:

How in the heck do you always know what will happen. I have not had ONE WINK of sleep tonight! Not one!

So here is the break down…..

11:30 PM – Bill pops in – are you available? and I say yes! He says good. He is going to get with Ted and make sure he can meet us at 12:00 PM – he wants me in my meditation room………

12:00 PM – Bill again! Ted is there too! No Will! Bill says, okay – here is the deal – I need to talk to Will but I need you there for the energy support – and I need Ted there for moral support and to calm me down if I get crazy again! Ted says, me? I am crazier than you! Bill says, this is serious – Ted says, I am serious – Bill says stop drinking the rest of the night – Ted says how about pot? Bill – says nothing! Ted – says – I can’t do that! Bill says grow up – Ted say no! (I feel like I am watching a ping pong match with adolescents) Bill says brb let me get Will in here…..

Ted asks me what I think of Will. I tell him I like him but I want him to come forward for Allie. Ted says he does not really like him for you (Allie) but if she (Allie) wants him then he will help. I said well thats what is important then.

12:10 PM Bill is back, Will won’t be ready until 2:30 AM, Ted rolls his eyes, Bill gives him the finger and I just say okay see you then.

2:30 AM Bill is back, Ted is back, no Will – Bill and Ted have select words – Bill says Will was involved in something important (didn’t say what) and that maybe he was running late – he would meet back at 2:45 am Ted says this is such b.s.

2:45 AM Bill is back, Ted is not there, Will is late by 5 minutes – Bill apologizes for his outbursts, Will accepts apologizes for his – Bill tells him someone needs to come forward – Will agrees – He says that he is not sure he is ready – tells Bill this is a lot to digest – to understand – to trust – and that he’s having a hard time with it all – and has been feeling like he’s crazy, second guessing himself – the whole situation – is nervous, scared, skeptical – Bill asks him to meet with he and I and possibly Ted once a week this month about this and Will says okay – Bill asks him if he thinks by the end of this month if he will know one way or the other what he will do – and Will says yes he thinks so. Bill says fair. Then Bill tells me that he is going to take Will to the places we have already been – back in time – and throughout the various meditation visions – the ones with me, the ones with Allie – and that he won’t make me go again. I say thanks! 🙂 He and Will shake hands – Bill puts his arm around Will – and they kind of step over something I cannot see and they are gone.

5:00 AM – Bill is back – Wanted me to know Ted passed out drunk and high…..I said that figures – lol – and he said – well, it was okay anyway, I say yes. He says Ted will meet with us….and he will coordinate the when each week – and that next week it may be tuesday or thursday….I say okay let me know – he says he thinks Will will step up. I say good. He says when I get your bill its going to be big! I say no its free but can I go to sleep now? He said yeah and that he thought he could sleep now. He kissed me on the cheek, gave me a hug and he was gone.

And there you go…the saga contiunes.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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