Will, Bill And Another Energy Shift!

Will, Bill And Another Energy Shift!

Oh my good God — the snow is coming down sooooo hard. In less than an hour I went from driving the speed limit (45) to barely hitting 15. The plows are having a heck of a time trying to catch up. Our city is almost out of salt — so instead of any preventative – they are just trying to maintain. I’m really looking forward to Spring! Not that I really mind Winter — I just hate how OTHER people drive in the white stuff. And I’m not too keen on shoveling my long driveway – maybe someday I’ll either buy a snow blower or pay someone to plow the drive.

Finished the latest on DREAMERS. It really looks good. I’m proud myself. Now let’s see which network picks it up. Notice there’re no “if” in there. I’m as confident about DREAMERS as I am with Will. Speaking of which, I need to talk to him about a short list.

Not last night – the night before I had an interesting dream visit with Will. We were among a very large group of people in this huge performing arts building. Half the room in this place had a stage in it. People were going in and out of these rooms trying out for parts. Will and a I tried out for several parts. We held hands as we walked from try-out to try-out – always giving each other a kiss for good luck. When we were done (or there was some break) – he was leaning up against a wall with me in his arms and my head on his chest. He had on a brown ribbed sweater. His hand was playing with my hair on the side of my face. There was a call for him and he went off. I took refuge in a room that had a huge green form padding on the floor. A couple was in there on one side. I told them that I wanted to nap over here while I waited for Will. The woman gave me a blanket and a pillow. I snuggled in and fell asleep without a care in the world.

Now I wish I would sleep in this physical reality. The last couple of days have been really been hard on the sleep front. My dreams are jammed pack and I wake up every hour or so. This happened before I met Will — so my guess is that something else important is coming up. Not necessarily Will – but something important to me and my path.

This feel of something important was validated yesterday by an energy shift. Just there – minding my own business when WHAM! The trembles began — must of been around 2 pm or so. They lasted maybe 10 min and that was that.

I know that everything will work out for me the way it is supposed to and that the universe won’t let me drop. So with that faith, I booked a trip for my son and I to go to FL Mar 24 – 27 to see my dad & step-mom. We haven’t seen either of them since they moved to FL in 2005. My son has never seen the ocean (well in this case it’s really the Gulf of Mexico) and he’s really excited. I figured that if he and I were to go to Disney world this year – we had better go to FL 1st to see dad and then Mickey Mouse.

I already booked a trip to NYC too for my b-day. In NYC from May 1st – May 4th. Booked the flight – now I just need to find a hotel for my son and I that is near Times Square. I want to be able to walk to most places – take a cab to some. If I try the subway – I’ll need a NYC buddy to help me with this — it makes me nervous. My birthday is going to be fun this year – dog-gone-it! Now this trip – I am going to get that pizza! There’s a place I saw on the travel channel that’s by Coney Island that is the longest family run pizza joint (only one location) since it started back in the 40’s ( I think). The pizza looked really good on TV:) And of course I need some b-day cheesecake.

Last night I can remember a dream visit with Bill. My son and I were in this HUGE library. We had a table full of books and we were just writing things down like crazy — almost as if we couldn’t fit enough in our minds. Bill was there as well — and he was in charge of the library. He told me –it’s about time you got here. I was beginning to worry. Then he asked – where’s Will? I said that he’s off in the mystic section. Bill laughs and says — that sounds like him.

They’re closing my son’s school early. Better get ready to go get him.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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