Will, Being A Dork And Busyness!

Will, Being A Dork And Busyness!

Sometimes I am such a dork. I know — hard to believe isn’t it? (Ha) But yet, that’s what I am. Raisin (the outdoor cat) hasn’t wanted to spend much time in this house because Darin keeps beating the snot out of him when I’m not around. I’ve tried all the keeping away – territorial stuff, but Darin just hates Raisin – it’s just that simple. So I found my sons water guns and filled them up. Then (and here’s the dorky part) I put on my son’s play gun holster and put the water guns in. Yeah I know — where’s my fake sheriffs badge and hat:) So anyways – Darin went after him and I pulled out the guns and doubled gunned him with water. I felt sorry for him — for an instant. He ran and hid. 10 min later he tried it again – so I got him again. He ran. From that point on every time he saw one of the water guns – he hid. Samantha also was bugging Raisin – but when I squirt her — she just looks at me as if to say — is this all you’ve got? This is the same cat who loves to jump in the shower with me every once in a while – so I should of known it wouldn’t phase her – but every other feline – you betcha. So now I have one gun up and one gun downstairs in case I need them.

Is it May 1st yet? I’m hankering to get back to NYC:)

My son this week did as I feared – sucked out my brain power. I love spending time with him – but I’m amazed on how brain-dumped I feel once he goes to bed.

When I have too much to do I get overwhelmed and shut down. That is how it’s been this week (plus the kid of course). I have my readings, coaching, classes, blogs, screenplay and OBE book to do next week – on top of the normal household things with animals, a kid and well – a house. I tell myself not to panic – I can do all of this as long as I plan ahead — I’m a Taurus – I like plans. So I took my calendar, wrote everything down – spread it out — took a look and laughed at myself. Heck – I figure that I don’t sleep anyways….plus I would rather be busy than bored.

As I was doing my schedule for next week – Iris pops up and tells me to get used to it – the busyness of it all. I asked if anything eventually fades away into the background. She says – nope, not supposed to. In fact – she continues – there will be more on a daily basis. you feel crappy when you’re not writing and crappy when you’re not doing all of your metaphysical help — so honey face it – you’re to do both. You’re not given anything you cannot handle as long as you focus. You want to play – you want to have a good time – that’s fine by me and everyone else — but when you sit at that computer – honey you have to focus. You want to drift off to Wills-ville — do so on your own time, before you go to sleep.

Now I have to say something — what about fun? Can I have some fun? Sure you can – she says – but there is a time and a place for everything. This is your year to move career wise – you’ve worked hard to get here – don’t back off now. Remember this? She pulls out form behind her back the ruby sphere from my Cleopatra visions. Yes – what about it. Grab your ruby sphere you have in this life and carry it with you. The star ruby that the sphere was made from will help you. And with that she was gone.

I went and found my ruby sphere and I’ll keep it with me until she tells me something different.

My son and I keep playing a telepathic guessing game (his idea) where we keep guessing what each other is thinking. It’s fun and it helps build the telepathy muscle!

The song “Unforgettable” by Nat Cole keeps going though my head. If I’m so unforgettable to someone I wish they’d do something about it:)

I don’t know why this dawned on me – but last year when my ex moved out, it was June 30th, one day before my son’s birthday and the anniversary of my grams P death (died in 2001). Two very pivotal endings that opened new doors in my life. I wonder if anything pivotal will happen this June 30th?

I need an agent or manager for my metaphysical dealings. Know of anyone? Or maybe a marketer who specializes (or is knowledgeable about) metaphysical stuff? The person who I had before would just concentrate on Keen – and frankly – I’m not too hip on Keen. I equate cold call readings (meaning someone who gets a reading without an appointment) to a cold sales call. It just doesn’t sit right with me no matter how many times I do it. If you know of anyone that could help – let me know!

And on that note – I’ve got to run and get back to the screenplay!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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