Will, Atlantis And A Telepathic Connection!

Will, Atlantis And A Telepathic Connection!

Miss me? What a crazy day. So busy that I am just now – at 11:30 pm – getting a chance to write this after my L Word chat! I changed the layout on the OBE blog and soon I’m going to do it here too. I may change the layout one more time in the OBE blog as I want to be able to have tabs up top for pages. This way I can have the sex blog, sex radio show and the OBE info in one central location. All I know is that I am sooo tired of seeing the original Blogger templates that it makes me ill:)

I had an amazing telepathic connection with Will in the shower last Thursday. And no – it didn’t lead to sex. I know – shocker – huh? He brought me into a very mystical place. It looked like in the backdrop the Aurora Borealis. Off in the distance I saw a crystal castle. We were in the midst of a section of cliffs. I asked Will why he brought me here. With a sheepish grin he tells me that this is where he goes to think – and that I’m the first person he’s ever shared this place with. I was touched. I asked how long he’d been coming here – and he said , well – since I’ve been around since the start of time, I reckon since then. Have you brought me here before? I ask him. He smiles and nods yes. Does any of this jog your memory? The crystal castle – I’ve been there before. He nods again and said – we both have. What else about this place? Will asked. I looked around and at first I didn’t see anything – but I heard the sounds of water. So I rounded the cliffs – and there was the ocean. I turned to him — Merlin – I said. He’s cave is right below us, isn’t it? Will grabbed my hands – looks me in the eyes and replied – it’s more our cave than his. That’s right – it’s our magical astral cave:)

I used to find you here all the time when we’d had a disagreement or you just wanted to think. Yes – yes he exclaimed – now you have it!

Something dawned on me and I stare at him. Atlantis I said – what are you hiding from me? His mood went sour and he turned away from me. I run in front of him and make him look at me – but he refused to look at me in the eyes. It hit me — it was you who ordered the death of Ted and I – wasn’t it? He doesn’t say anything. What Will – why were you so upset that you sent a hit team after Ted and I — and the children of all people. He clenched his jaw so tight that I knew it had to hurt. I’m not talking about it any longer – this isn’t why I brought you here. Is this why you sacrificed your life for mine in the witch trail? As a karmic pay back? Tears well in his eyes – that and I loved you – love you. So I don’t owe you a karmic debt in this life time. He shook his head – no. And you don’t owe me one? He shook his head again. Then why is part of my life lesson in this life is to watch you die? What is that for? Because you love me and you wouldn’t let anyone else take care of me – that’s why. He had me on that one. Plus – he went on – once I die we can prove to people that love survives the physical death of the body. How do we do that? He shrugged – I have no idea.

And the connection was broken. More questions need to be answered. I need to go exploring.

On that note I’m going to bed!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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