Will And The North Island!

Will And The North Island!

Come on Steelers!! 21 – 9 at the half — what the hell? Maybe some of those plays needs a little OBE sex during the off time to pump them up a bit more:)

But who has the time? Not me unfortunately.

Let me use 1/2 time to tell you about the OBE sex dream I had with Will last night — it was a great dream night overall.

We’re at the North Island at at Seychelles – naked (of course), swimming out in the wondrous bluish-green waters when we paddle over to a small cove. We pull ourselves out of the water and just lie on the rocks – the coolness feels great on our backsides. Will rolls over on his side, facing me and lightly drags his fingers up my tummy, and then back down to the pubic bone, then back up again to my breasts. His fingers tease my nipples and it doesn’t take long for them to stand at attention.

I thought you were tired? I asked.

You’ve rejuvenated me. He smiled.

His tongue flicks my left nipple.

The protection is back at the hut. I murmured.

He glances up at me as his hand moves south to part my legs. We’re in a dream, it doesn’t matter.

A dream? Damn it! I’m tired of dreaming.

Patience my dear, patience. Besides, would it be that bad?

To have another child?

Yes, for us to have a child.

His fingers have masterly turned me on to such a state, that I couldn’t think. Wow — is he good.

The next thing I can remember is him being in me, thrusting to the rhythm of the water — and me hanging on for a dear life.

I woke up as a flush of relief flowed through me.

What a way to start my day!

Back to the game….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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