Will And Telepathic Sex!

Will And Telepathic Sex!

Either Will is trying to kill me or he is really trying to get my attention. If it’s the attention he wants – he’s got it. When a person has their energy infused with yours 24/7, it’s hard to ignore. Will’s favorite time to sexually get my attention is first thing in the morning right after my alarm goes off. He’s been the 1st person on my mind as soon as I open my eyes for over a week.

With the telepathic sex, the first thing I can “see” is we’re at the ocean. I have no clue if it’s the east or west coast – but I don’t think it really matters. I love the water and he appears to do the same. This morning he and I were walking along the water, in the dark, when I wasn’t watching where I was going (to busy looking at his blue eyes) and I stumbled. Being the good guy he is, he caught me, but we still went down anyways. There was an awkward moment when we just stared into each other’s eyes. It reminded me of high school where you want to kiss the other person but you are too shy to do so.

I could feel his left hand on my face, his thumb caressing my cheek. Just by looking at his eyes, I knew he was as nervous as I was. But he leaned in and kissed me. His lips softly touched mine, like a feather moving across my lips. All that did was make us hungry for more which I let him know after he pulled away – I pulled him back. He tasted salty, like the water. His tongue was cold, like he had been sucking on an ice cube, but his mouth was hot. A strange combo, yet he tasted as sweet as a Georgia peach. I could hear something loud crash in the back ground. He looked at me and said “shit” — and he was gone.

The connection was broken and I just laid there in my bed, wanting more than anything for that sweetness to tantalize my mouth once again.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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