Will And His Telepathic Pull!

Will And His Telepathic Pull!

Will showed up in only a way Will….with no fan fair, no bothering, no “neediness” – -he just showed up. But let me tell you, his energy was strong. I first noticed Will yesterday as I was making dinner. I could feel his astral presence right behind me – hovering by my right cheek, looking over my shoulder watching me make these killer fresh tomato, jalapenos & cheese enchiladas. He gave me a kiss on the neck and went away. However, I could feel him on the edge of my energy all night long.

Sitting at my computer after my son went to bed, I again felt Will energy, but it was tugging at me to join him. I asked if it was okay to do this telepathically as astral just wasn’t probably right now. With that, I could feel his energy disappear and I immediate felt that telepathic pull. If any of you have ever felt like you were being pulled into an intense day dream (meaning that no matter what you did, you couldn’t help but go there – kinda of like a woman & chocolate during PMS ), this is that telepathic pull.

I arrive in an apartment – or maybe a house, I don’t know. Will is looking out some sliding doors. He knows I’m behind him, yet he opens the doors and steps outside. I follow.

We are on a balcony, overlooking the ocean. Standing there, side by side in silence, he places his hand on the back of my neck and lightly squeezes. I turn to look at him and our lips meet. Some teasing kissing – real light – with his tongue playing with the bottom lip. The kisses deepen, and become very hungry – very “I want it now”. I could feel his left hand leave my back and I could sense an energy shift.

I opened by eyes and we are in the magic room. Before I could even ask why were here – or how we even got here telepathically …we’re both naked and on the large wooden table. At the time I didn’t think of splinters….I wonder if you can get one telepathically?

Anyways the sex turned almost animalistic – not hurtful at all – but very commanding – from both of us. I could feel his lips and hands all over my body – makes me wonder what he felt? There wasn’t a pore on my body that wasn’t turned on.
When he entered me, there was a gasp – from us both – and we didn’t move — just looked at one another. I grabbed onto his forearms and squeezed. Slowly at first his hips moved, picking up speed with every thrust. As our excitement grew, I could feel that lightness coming on to me knowing that my astral body was about to separate from my physical body. But before that could happen we both climaxed at the same time. I heard a thud or some sort of noise. Will turned his head to his left and said – shit.

The connection was broken. But as that connection was broken – I could very briefly see both Edward and Merlin in the room – watching us.

What do I think the thud was? Something or someone in Will’s reality that entered his room and could have been trying to get his attention.

When I was back and out of the connection, that zing of energy was just flowing through my body – plus I couldn’t help but tremble.

Did I have to go grab a sex toy — and finish again? You betcha.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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  1. oland wheeler

    Great story of what must have been an intense event. If some one would have presented this kind of story to me 4 years ago, I would have smiled and just let it pass. But now I my self can say i have felt the same type of interaction with a girl over 5 states away as well as one in the next town over. The way i got started was to play a simple game were one of us concentrates touching the other,and the other tells what they receive. So…i send a kiss to the back of the neck for a min or two, then ask what are you receiving? if she says the same say yes if not let her try to send to you. To get the honest answer from them don’t tell what you sent until they answer yes and describe it a lil. Have fun with it and enjoy.blessed be ,Kevin

  2. Allie

    Yes Kevin – that’s it! Excellent – thank you for sharing your experince.

    This is what I did with a friend of mine as he was convinced I was off my rocker. All it took was one telepathic sex/foreplay session and he knew it was for real.

    Keep up the good work!

    CS – Allie 🙂

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