Will And His Self-less Act!

Will And His Self-less Act!

The shower. Someday when I revamp this home, I’m making a bigger shower — one with a seat in it. I love showers – obviously. And sex in the shower I think is a great warm up to more sex outside the shower. So it stands that I have a shower that can withstand the heat – right?

Besides. I think that Will gets as turned on by water as I do. Especially since that is where he usually approaches me telepathically. Today was another wow season. I think that this was a residue effect from our dream visit last night.

In this telepathic connection, it started with a ring of the doorbell. I answered the door and there’s Will. On my doorstep. He grins. I just stand there and stare at him. He motions for me to open the door — and I remember my manners and do just that. Except I don’t just open the door, I open it and leap into his arms. Next thing you know we’re making out like a couple of teenagers and the poor man doesn’t even have his coat off yet. I pull away from him and ask him if he’d like to take his coat off. By now the dogs and cats are all around us – checking out the new person. I comment that the house is messy and I look horrible – my hair is sticking up, no make-up — yadda yadda. He says that he could care less about all of that. When you’re connected with someone eternally, outside appearances aren’t what you are looking for — besides, he says — you’re beautiful. I smile rather wickedly and say — my legs are shaved. He raises an eye brow. I ask if it’s too much too fast if we just go upstairs. No — he says. And we race upstairs like a bunch of teens.

He’s in the bathroom, I’m in my bedroom getting the cats out of there.

He comes in, shuts the door and tells me to stand, facing my bed. He stands in front of me and takes off my sweat shirt and my bra. Starting at my lips and working his way down to my belly – he is now sitting on my chest of drawers. Taking a nipple in his mouth while his fingers skillfully play with the other breast, I stood there in awe of the sensations I was feeling — and back in the shower, I was simply in WOW with how this felt. Back to the bedroom – I’m not sure how my pants & panties got taken off, but they were gone. I had my right leg up on the chest and his hand was playing with my wetness. (back in the shower I’m thinking Holy Shit during this). His fingers slide in and out, hitting the g-spot with every stroke. I knew that there was no way in hell I was going to last – and I told him this. He says — good, then I’m doing something right (I’d say so). Before I knew it, I was grabbing onto his shoulders for support as the release came. He smiled and said — feel better?

Ahh — yeah. But that wasn’t the way I wanted this to happen. He said the next time, I promise not to let me fingers do all of the walking. I asked, what about him? He smiles again and says – I took care of that before I came over.

And he broke the connection.

Damn that man — I wanted more. But I think that he knew that.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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