Will, 8:12 And The Carnival!

Will, 8:12 And The Carnival!

8:12. That’s what I saw on my clock yet again this morning:) Got it….I’m holding steady on my affirmations. I know that everything will work out — even if it doesn’t seem that way right now. My guides gave me another message today. On Keen there are people who like to “bomb” a members account. They do this by staying on the phone for little over a minute and then leaving horrible feedback. This feedback brings down the score of the advisor and usually new clients take a few days to come to you. Well it happened to me. Last week – on the 20th, two people (although I FEEL it’s the same person with 2 id’s) called – did more talking then me, hung up and then left horrible feedback. So on Monday & Tuesday when I was on Keen, I had maybe 2 or 3 calls both days – all the while people kept clicking on my listing and draining cash from my account. So — anyways today — when I logged onto my account, I went and looked at the listing that got “bomb”. When the feedback popped up – all of the good feedback showed up and the two lines where the bad feedback was listed – was blank. Then a few second later they were visible. So my guides were telling me to focus in on the positive of the other scores and not the negative scores. That’s what I have been doing today and I’ve had some pretty good new clients.

Most of my encounters with Will are telepathic. We have had plenty of dream encounters and sex – but most of our connections are telepathic (like today in the shower – wink, wink). So when I do have a dream visit with Will, it really stands out as memorable. Last night/this morning was such a time. We were in a group of people, outside, and he had on a beige winter jacket with a baseball cap. I’m on the other side of the party (this for some reason was at a carnival) and I’m looking around while I’m talking to some guy who just going about his money. That is when I see Will — at the same time he sees me. I don’t even say bye to the guy I’m chatting with to make a bee line to Will. Our eyes never leave one another. I’m standing in front of him and we’re both smiling. “Hi” I said. He just keeps smiling. Then he just grabbed me and hugged me tight. He kept saying that he was so happy. I told him — I’m happy you found me. He didn’t say anything – if fact he got really shy and didn’t want to show much emotion. I then said — I’m happy you found what you were looking for. With his head down and turned away from me he nodded. He wouldn’t let me look into his eyes.

He turned and looked at me and I could see what he was trying to hide – his eyes were brimming over with tears. He grabbed my head and kissed me. Soft at first, but the longer our lips were touching , the more intense the kiss got. We finished kissing and our heads turned so that my right cheek and his left cheek were touching one another. I could feel a wetness on my face so I pulled away and a gallon of tears just came crashing down between us, soaking us both. I asked if he was crying (and it was apparent that he was, his face was drenched) and he said it must be me — as he turned to dry off his face.

My mother and I head over to talk to an old teacher of mine from 6th grade who was also my b-ball coach — he are sitting on a game booth that isn’t operating, along side this blond woman. In the row before that game booth, I see Will sitting on a platform, on a stool. I told my mom to go on over and I’ll be with her in just a second. I run up to Will and he hugs me tight. I ask him if it’s okay if I kiss him in front of people – he’s like, of course it is — and he lays a big one on me:) He talks about how happy he is again -and he then says that he had searched for me for so long and he’s just so happy that he found me. He’s been looking for lifetimes. He hugs me tight and kisses me again.

Next thing I can remember is he and I talking again and he’s saying that the blond lady had some health concerns for me. I’m like – I feel fine, what can be wrong. He said she said that I’m pregnant. I laughed and said there’s no way. It’s been so long since I’ve had sex I might be considered a born-again virgin. We laughed about that. He said, but really, she said you’re pregnant. I said – maybe in the future – but not now. I don’t have any children – he said. I know, I replied.

I see Will a few more places at the carnival – he talking to people or playing a game. Any time we see each other we hug and kiss. We are both very happy and that happiness exudes from every pore of our being.

Last place I can remember seeing him is in the workout room in a hotel. The room is round. And he’s on a machine working on his arms. I see him and throw my arms around him, he dips me and kisses me. He tells me again how happy he is. This hotel is also a residence. I remember knowing it was the Waldorf, the Towers. I was surprised I knew that even though I was inside and not outside the hotel.

Then I woke up briefly and tried to go back into the dream but it wasn’t going to happen. I figured Will woke up and had to get out of bed.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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