Wheel of Fortune Spell

Wheel of Fortune Spell

Want to create new opportunities for yourself? Give this opportunity attraction spell a try!

Best Cast On: New or Full Moon

Best Day: Thursday or Sunday

Supplies: Wheel of Fortune tarot card, paper, pen, orange candle, candle holder, Cinnamon & Orris Root (or powdered sugar)


Mix together equal parts of CINNAMON & ORRIS ROOT – put to the side.

On the ORANGE CANDLE, carve your NAME and DATE OF BIRTH. Place in CANDLE HOLDER. Light the CANDLE.

Take the PEN and write on the PAPER the OPPORTUNITIES you wish to manifest (keep them realistic).

Place the PAPER in front of the CANDLE.

Put the WHEEL OF FORTUNE card on top of the PAPER.

As you sprinkle the CINNAMON/ORRIS ROOT mixture on the WHEEL OF FORTUNE card recite:

Here are my wishes
I am manifesting into reality.

I am open to change
I want change
I deserve change.

Let the CANDLE burn down. Bury the CANDLE with the PAPER. Put the CARD back into the tarot deck.

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