Weiss, Bill And A Duel Past Life!

Weiss, Bill And A Duel Past Life!

I had a pretty productive and relatively stress free weekend. Some things irked me – but overall a good time. I finished up with the Easter Bunny story and have shipped it off to get critiqued. The Family magic book is also out of my hands and being formatted:) Good stuff indeed! Now to get done with the Dream book and polish my Kyra outline so that I can dive right in writing the novel by Oct!

I had my radio interview last night with Carol at “Angels on the Air” http://www.achieveradio.com/~angels/ ! It went really well, despite the fact that my son burped into my ear – and therefore – the phone! Carol was a very kind and gracious host. I hope to be asked back sometime in the future! If you missed it – she should be putting up the archived file soon!

I wanted to do my session today with my healing wand. How I love this wand, it is so vibrant and full of positive, healing energy. I look forward to the day with my life directs me down the healing path and the wand will have a chance to help others like it once did. I held onto the wand and as always, was zapped in both hands. I’m immediately taken as an observer to an office. I can see myself, Bill and Dr. Brian Weiss discussing a past life regression. Bill tells me to go first, and I’m telling him to go. Dr. Weiss has an idea for us to both go and see if we can arrive in the same past life and chat about it from our different perspectives. Bill and I discuss and come to a quick – yes. We’re always ready to give something new a try. Dr. Weiss has an assistant or someone bring another regression chair in and the chairs are arranged so that they are lengthwise – touching each other. Bill and I are instructed to get on and if we want – hold hands. We decide to hold hands.

This is all muddled, back to the life we are taken to – but it works and Bill and I are chatting about the same life. We go on like an old married couple finishing each other sentences and teasing one another. Dr. Weiss keeps taking us back, lifetime to lifetime and we enter one with Ted. Bill and I are both looking for Ted in this past life – he is lost or missing and we are both frantic. Dr. Weiss pulls us out as we were getting too emotional about not being able to find Ted. It was like he was our child and had gone missing – this is the level of frantic that was coming from the two of us.

We discussed that the next time we will try to go back to Atlantis to see what we can find out.

I move to watch Bill and I on a large boat, at night, up on the deck. We are drinking wine, eating cheese & fruit and excitedly talking about the past life regression.

Off to my right I see a bright light and it is Jesus. He welcomes me with a loving embrace and a kiss on my forehead. He says that it is good to see me and that he is proud of the progress I have made. I ask if he can help to remove any more blockages inside my soul that is keeping me from utilizing my gifts and from remembering more about who I am and any answers I currently need. He tells me that removing blocks is a personal matter and one that comes about once lessons are learned. I ask if he could give the blockages a little nudge, you know like open them a crack or at least stop them from being impenetrable. He smiles and says that yes he can help with that. He sends illuminating light into my heart chakra and that light seems to zing throughout my body. He tells me to go in peace and to remember – all the answers I ever need are already inside. I have to stop being my worst critic!

And that’s all I can remember.

It’s back to work! Have a wonderful day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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