Wear The Pants, Good Stuff and Vincent!

Wear The Pants, Good Stuff and Vincent!

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I can’t really explain it today – but I have hope. It a generalized hope, but it’s there. I’m excited but I have no idea why. My sense tells me something big is about to happen – in a good way. My skin feels like every energy portal I have on my body is open and working just fine. Like hundreds of little energy pricks all over. It’s so odd — and I can sense a rainbow of colors coming from those portals. Has this ever happened to anyone besides me? I woke up like this.

I found it very interesting and confirming that my message today from TUT (The Universe) was this:

We often have to shhhh’em-up, Allie, here in the unseen. It’s because they become so excited when they see a really HUGE dream about to manifest in the seen, they completely forget that from where you are, nothing, yet, appears any different.

    The Universe

Reading it then and now sends chills up my spine. No idea what’s around the bend – no clue. But I do have a sneaky suspicion that my trip to Los Angeles next week has something to do with it. I’m interested to find out what the universe has in store.

I did write about my nice dream visit with Todd over in the OBE blog. Connecting to him is always a positive experience. He seems to be doing fine. I have a feeling that he has been working more with meditation and being connected to the universe. I can’t help but be happy every time we connect.

I’ve had a couple of surprise connects over the last two days – Ted and Vincent. Ted’s energy was weak. He isn’t feeling well. He came to me for comfort and healing – I gave him both wrapping in a thick cocoon of pink and white light. Vincent – his energy is very strong. As I’m typing this – he came back as soon as I thought about him. I just smile. I so love having his energy present. He said he has done a lot of soul searching – he was lost. He’s found himself again and wants to keep pursuing our unique link – if it’s alright with me. Of course it’s alright! I guess I should suspect more of him!

I need to go make a salad to take to a friend’s house tonight. Have a great weekend everyone!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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