Water, The Titanic And My Son!

Water, The Titanic And My Son!

Did you have a nice Memorial Day? I did. My body is dead tired, but I had a nice time visiting with family. My ribs were good – a little toasty – but good. The sauce I made – killer. Plus I made some homemade lemonade, and it tasted sooooo refreshing!

My plan was to head to bed after my shower, since I’m pooped. But as you know about my plans – subject to change!

My son hates the water. Which is the complete opposite of myself and my husband. He never had any tragic mishaps as a child, no logical reason to fear the water. But nevertheless, he panics when water is over his head (bath time is a blast) – under no way shape or form will he stick his head under the water – it takes an act of God just to get him in a pool (you should have seen swimming lessons), no running through sprinklers, etc…. So when I was in the shower I thought to myself – why does he hate the water so much?

Then a flash vision hit me — the Titanic as it was sinking. I feel someone hold onto me for dear life – I have a small son in my arms – and my son and I get put in the lifeboat. The man is still on the deck – my husband. I watch the ship sink with him on the deck as he watch us move away from the luxury liner. The man, my husband, is my son in my current life. My son in my arms – Ted. Add this to us three during the holocaust – and it is no wonder my son has separation issues – not to mention being in the dark, in an enclosed place and the water….

It’s rather odd to think that my son was my husband at one time. But my son is always telling me – I’ll take care of you until you die. He’s been saying that since he started talking. Now that I think back – I never watch any movie that has to do with the Titanic – I get ill. This extends to any movie about a ship sinking – can’t watch it. Same with any movie about the holocaust – again, I get physically sick. I know when I was writing the movie “The Black Triangle” I couldn’t help but be sick to my stomach.. I know when I convert it into a book, it’s just going to tear me up — but I also know that it is something that I have to do.

I’m glad my son is in my life again. Now let’s hope that we can complete our karma and soul agreement so that he can move to the next soul level in future incarnations.

Off to bed I go!

Sweet Dreams!
Allie 🙂

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